He laid on the bed

Knowing he appeared dead, 

But he couldn’t care

She was gone. Leah. 

He thought about it

Thinking about the hit

How it got all dim.

So much like fiction. Film. 

Everything changed. 

He knew now it was all play

And he was game. 

He turned to the sun

And let the ray

Caress his face. 

It wasn’t over. 

Just another lesson 

He would learn. 

Another lesson. 



The people you don’t expect to are the ones that play us the most, and what is more game than the sincere love of a person? 


Hi everyone, just a short poem here. If you liked it do let me know, and if you also want to comment you’re free to. Whether you can relate with it and would like to share your experience or you just want to say anything on it, feel free to comment. 

I hope you all are having a good day.