Hello to you all. If you read this post where I wrote my 2017 blogging schedule, you would have an idea of what today’s post is going to be about. If you haven’t however, I got you covered, cause it’s what I’m going to talk aboit. 

Sometimes last year, I made a request for a collaboration post with any one interested in the topic “Are ladies high maintenance during dating and men high maintenance during marriage or vice versa”.

I hand some very interesting response from different ladies who chose to share their opinions. The men weren’t interested 😏 (for now. Y’all buckle up, read the post and  tell me what you think about it!) 

Now, with the way I scheduled Wednesday posts, it could either be an award post, or a serie going on. I have been nominated for a few Awards so while I am going to share a reply from a fellow blogger concerning a post I made last year for a collaboration this week, the next would be an award post, then the one after a continuation of the series. 

Today, I have decided to share with you Jazz’s response. She is a lovely book blogger whose blog you should definitely give a check. She is a paranormal romance lover. If you are, go check her blog and see her book reviews. If you aren’t, still go check. The book covers alone would draw you in. She also does this date night series with characters from books and take it from me they are fun to read. Just go check her blog out after you’ve read this post yeah?  Yeah. 

This is Jazz’s response… 

Hey Esther!

I saw your post requesting opinions on women being high maintenance while dating and men being high maintenance while married. 

The older I get, the more ‘high maintenance’ I apparently become. I’m 24 now and have been dating on and off since I was 15. Throughout those nine years I’ve dealt with some real shitty guys. I’m not sure if I’m high maintenance or whether I’ve just raised my standards when it comes to the qualities I look for in a boyfriend. All too often us women are labelled as ‘high maintenance’, but I think it’s more having a good sense of self worth. We know we deserve better and seek to find a man who can treat us as we deserve to be treated. Experience has taught me what NOT to put up with while in a relationship.

As for guys, I think they push the boundaries once they’re married. They strive to woo and charm a woman…but once they’re married, they no longer feel the need to put in the effort. Their goal has been achieved. The woman ‘belongs’ to them. So they push their boundaries. They want the woman to cook for them, to wash and iron their clothes etc. 

Perhaps, though, I’m just very cynical 😛 


I really really enjoyed reading Jazz’s view. As I said in the post where I requested for the collaboration, I was pretty curious, and since I had views on my  blog from different countries, I knew every person who would give their opinion would have a twist to theirs, as we aren’t all the same. 

Apart from enjoying reading it, I really agreed with it. It made me think about it from another perspective, and the most important, to learn. 

If any if you do agree with Jazz, be sure to tell me in the comment, and if you are interested in also sharing your opinion, you can read the post so you know how to contact me and give your opinion. 

Also, don’t forget to check her blog out. 

Jazz has no idea I’m featuring her today! Jazz did I surprise you well? 

This is for you Jazz…