Spouse… Or significant other… 

I don’t have a spouse as of now, and I also do not have a significant other. That’s the summary, so it’s kinda hard to be thankful for something I do not have.

Just a short poem here. 


I don’t want the worlds view 

of perfect.

Let’s face it. 

As easily as dew,

It dries up


Cute as a pup

But only at the beginning 

I want my perfect. 

The one who is incomplete 

For everyone else,

But for me, a perfect fit.  

I could go on,

Like an excited infant

About what I want,

But that would be no fun

Let’s talk about something else

The sex..sext

Ah… The tense

Ooh… What’s next? 

My love

I will wait

At the street…that curve

For you, my mate. 


Hi everyone… That took quite a while, thinking out rhymes, but I liked the way it turned out. Tell me if you did to. 

If I hadn’t challenged myself with a schedule to follow through this year, you wouldn’t have seen a post from me today, but well, I’m glad I did after all. 

I had my matriculation today. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the formal entry into something, which is in my case, the university. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned here that I’m in my second year in the university, studying law. Ordinarily, I should have done this in my first year, but I came through direct entry as I did a foundation university program which I passed that then qualified me to enter the second level. 

My mum, dad, and my aunt came. It was real nice, and then by 3pm I had lectures till 5pm, then attended a tutorial for another hour, so I was very exhausted, but I wasn’t going to back out on this. I’m still tired. 

Make sure you tell me what you think about the poem okay? 

Also, you’re free to comment whatever you’ll like to say. Whether just cause you like it, or can relate, or pretty much anything relating to the post. 

I hope you all are doing good. 

I’m having a test next week. I need to study. 

I feel weak. Like a headache is building up, and I don’t feel good.