He watched as she walked the isle

Her heads bowed. 

He didn’t need to see her

He knew she had tears in her eyes

Probably because she couldn’t believe 

That after everything,

The struggles,

The heaet aches,

They were going to be together. 

His heart beat so fast

As she walked closer

And closer. 

Her exquisite self


And giving herself to him. 

Soon enough, 

It was time. 

The time to open the veil

And see his bride. 

His heart felt like it could explode 

With the love that shined

In her eyes. 

Words could not quantify

How deeply he felt for her, 

And at the time,

No words were needed, 

As he came close

And locked his lips with hers

Sealing with her, 

A forever. 


Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed this poem. If you did, make sure to say so in the comments. It is my reply to the daily prompt, exquisite. 

That’s a man seeing his bride on his wedding day. 

Happy Sunday to you all.