I feel. 

So much. 

So, so much. 

Promise me, 

That you would never break my heart

Tell me,


When you begin to drift from me. 

Tell me. 


When you don’t have the feeling anymore. 

Tell me. 


Don’t hurt me. 

I feel so much

A hell hole

Of misery,

Is all I fear. 

If it happens, 

When it happens. 

Tell me, 

My darling, 

When you don’t have that feeling for me



My love, 

Don’t let me find out

From someone 

Other than you.


My sweet. 

Do this, 

And don’t break my heart. 

                                       Love, Girlfriend. 


Hi everyone, just a short poem I want to share with you. Did you like this? Feel free to share whatever opinion you would like to share. I’m always glad to hear your views. 

If you want a reply from the boyfriend you can say so in the comment and I’ll see what I can do about that. 

Thank you for reading. 

Update: I have written and published the boy friends reply. You can read it here.