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The title for this week is FAMILY

Please, this is not a typical post on how lucky it is to have a family. It’s a short post. Please do read to the end. Thank you. 

It’s not news that family is a very important factor in every child’s life, but when I talk of family, I don’t mean a mother, father, and siblins. A lot of people have that, but there’s no family. 

Your family is your back bone, your family is one that is ready to support you in anyway possible, ready to do everything that will make your life better, but very few families have that. 

I have that however, and I’m grateful for it. I have not just a father, but a dad, not just a mother but a mum, and two other super annoying siblins… And you tell me. What’s better than annoying siblins? Yeah. Nothing 😐😑

At different stages in my life, there have been times when I have been so thankful for having them as mine, times when I have been so convinced that there wasn’t way it was my mum that delivered me. I had this notion that when I got elder I will go to the world and search for my real parents… Yeah😑

We all have gone through that stage. Right😄

I’m not talking about my extended family now, just the nuclear. 

Over the years, we have fought, I have dissappointed them to the extent that I don’t know how to face them, I have hated my siblins and wished them dead (of course I don’t mean that. It occurs at the heat of the moment 😟), I’ve kept diaries I’ve torn just so they never see it, and so so many other things.

When I got to senior secondary school three, the last stage in secondary school, where I was so confused about what I wanted to fill in the course I wanted for university, they were the one that helped.  

Here, I’m not focusing on a family member in particular since I would be able to do that as the weeks go by, as you see in the challenge. 

No family is perfect. All families are fucked up. That’s fact. If y’all are being real to yourselves, you see that there is really no perfect family. Every family has their issues, and it is only when you embrace these issues that you can really appreciate what you have. For a few years I only focused on the areas I didn’t like about my family, and I wanted out. I wanted something else. Something better, but as years has gone by, as I have matured, I have realized that that really would help no one. I begun to focus on the good about them, and it was only then I discovered how much was done for me, and how blessed I was to have them.

As I said above, I have a mum, a dad, and two siblins. Some don’t have this, but it doesn’t make me either higher or lower to them. No two families are the same, and you can only be thankful for the one you have. Of course, there are situations that are hard to be thankful for. When you do not have families that are really families. At the end, your family becomes your friends, people who has embraced you as theirs. 

I’ll tell you all reading this. We should show more love to people around us. The fact that you see someone surrounded by a mother, a father, and a few siblings, doesn’t make theirs a perfect family. So many of those families are not families, and these children are men and women among us. 
We should always endeavor to show love at any opportunity we can. The ones you see that look so hard hearted and impenetrable are probably the ones that really need the love. 

When someone does wrong to you, you don’t have to repay with another wrong. Sometimes, the person might just be looking to see if there’s any more love in this world, and today, make it your job. Make it a personal work, to spread more love today, and not just today, but every day of your life. 

Spread love to the ones around you. To the ones not around. The ones you see in bus stops, market, schools, companies, and any other place. 

Make it your job. 

Good day. 

And finally…