Sometimes last week, I wrote a poem, published it here, and asked if any of you wanted the boy friend reply since the poem was a letter written by the girl friend, to her boy friend.  A number of bloggers requested, and here is the reply. 

You can read the girl friends letter here to help yourself understand what you are about to read. It’s short, so it wouldn’t take much of your time.


I waited at my house, a little bit restless. I had no idea what had pushed Anne to writing this. To the best of my knowledge, we were cool. More than cool even. Everything had been going smoothly, we had even just come back from a week vacation and she sends me that letter. Even now, after a week of having it, I still could not wrap my head around it. Did she meet someone there and was trying to twist it around so I became the bad guy for leaving her? Which sounded even stupid in my head. 

I couldn’t think of any indication I had given to let her write that damned letter. Even now, I was pissed. While we had seen four times since she gave me the letter, she hadn’t brought it up once, and while I was busy going crazy over it, she remained her cool, cheerful self. 

I reminded myself to stay calm. Getting angry would do no good. 

I sat down, and read the letter again, then looked at my wrist watch. She was rarely ever late, and she was already ten minutes late. It made me wonder if she was with the piece of shit that made her write that scum to me. 

I paused in my thought and tried to channel it back to good thoughts. It was what she felt, and communication was key in a relationship, which is what she did. Even if she wrote a freaking poem! 

I paused again, already getting mad at myself for not being able to not get a cool head over everything. 

I looked at the letter I had written that sat at thetable. It conveyed none of the anger I felt, but that was why we were going g to talk about it. It was why I wasn’t just going to send a letter to her without us sitting down and really talking about it. 

The door bell rung and I smoothened the shorts I was wearing. I also tried to put my hair the way it always was so it gave no indication of how distressed I was. I went to the room and put on a blue t shirt and arranged the two letters seperatly, on the table. 

I walked towards the door and after looking to the peek hole to ensure it was her, I opened the door. She entered with a radiant smile, looking her usual beautiful self. As I let her in, I studied the woman who was mine. Her hair was in its usual ruffled but perfect look, she was wearing a short gown that stopped just a little below mid thigh. Being short let her get away with clothes like that, but it didn’t hide the breasts and hips that flared with the flared skirt in the gown, and I was taken back to the time when we just begun our relationship, when she wasn’t confident in her figure. I don’t know how but she had the thought that I was interested in slim girls with perky everything. Perky Boobs, perky hips, perky butts. I had dated lots of the kind, but it was never about the body. Sure, at first that’s what would be noticed, it wasn’t about that, and the day I saw her, I became attracted to her. Her insecurities weren’t attractive in the least bit. 

I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. It was probably the insecurity that was in play now. 

She came to my front, stood up on her tip toe and tidied my hair. I bent my head down and let her have access to my nose. For some reason she liked kissing that tip. She moved to my mouth and gave me a chaste kiss, then wrapped her hands around me. It was more comforting than she could have an idea of after all the thoughts that jad tortured me before she arrived. 

I hugged her tighter and it was a while before we released each other. She went to sit, and I walked towards her, taking the two letters with me, and giving her the one I had written. 

I sat on the floor and watched her closely. On a closer look, she also looked distressed and it made me realize that this may also be hard on her, and she may not find it easy either. The thought made me massage her thighs down to her legs. She shot me an appreciative look with a shy smile then busied herself with opening the letter. 

She opened the letter and I watched as her eyes scanned the pages. I knew it by heart already, so I imagined I was reading it with her. 


Poems aren’t my fort, but I hope this serves. 

You are my love. 

My sunshine 

While most check their phones in the morning 

I always check

To know that you are still there. 

With me. 

In my heart, 

And you know…. 

No one. 

I tell you, 

No one, 

Can take that place. 

You rescued me from a dark place. 

At a time when

I thought there was no good 

In this world

You opened my eyes

Gave me a new view. 

And for a while,

You let your love be enough for both of us, 

But not anymore,

And I want you to know this. 

I love you. 

I haven’t once thought 

About the forbidden 

That you spoke about.

I tried you know, 

I tried to think of a life 

One where you weren’t there, 

And it seemed dark, 

Like I got transported 

Back to how I was, 

Before you found me

You have taught me a lot of things. 

I could never leave you. 


Is what I promise. 

I watched as she looked up from the letter, exexpecting tears, but she looked… I couldn’t point it. 

She cradled my face and smiled at me. 

“You’ll make a very good occupation as a poet”

I leaned into her palms, but really didn’t understand. I wanted to talk about it. About what was wrong. 

I saw her brown eyes becoming glass and held her laps. 

“I’m so sorry Danny.”

I nodded, though not understanding. 

“I was just… I didn’t know. We just came back from the vacation. Things have been going smoothly. Money isn’t a problem anymore. You come back from work about tales of the girls and how friendly and I feel you don’t need me anymore.”

I watched her as she spoke but now that she was done she kept her head down. I kept watching her, then saw tears dropping. Her hands dropped from my cheeks and used it to wipe her eyes. 

I used my hands on her thigh to drag her down to me. 

She looked up, surprised at the abrupt way I pulled her down. 

I removed my hands from her thigh and used it to cradle her cheeks. 

She still didn’t meet my eyes. 

I now understood. It all makes sense now. For so long, my world had revolved around her. Times were hard. And now, it made perfect sense for her to think I would begin to drift away. 

“I love you Anne.”

Her eyes came up briefly. 

“And I wouldn’t leave you now that things are easy. I want to share all of it with you.”

She sniffed and I pulled her closer. 

“I have the resources now. I want to use it to take care of you.”

Slowly, she raised her head upland leaned into me. 

I hugged her tight to myself, carrying her as I stood up and walked to the bed room, intent on letting her know how much it was I needed her. 

I was going to adore her. All of her. 


A bit long, so thank you for reading to the end. Hopefully I did justice with the reply😉😄

Tell me what you think about it. Did you like it? Feel free to share your opinions.

Happy Sunday!