Hi everyone, the topic for this week’s gratitude challenge is a family member, and I want to talk about my dad. When I checked for the topic, my first thought was, easy peasy. I was going to talk about mum, but then I decided otherwise, and chose to write about how grateful I am to God for giving me my father. My daddy.

Right from the time I was a child, I had always known my dad to be more even tempered to my mum. He was the type that exercised a cool head to situations, and tried to get my mum to calm down if she’s having a fit over issues she shouldn’t really be worried about.

He cares so much about all of us. My mum, and my siblings, and he always wants to provide the best for us. He is the one that wants you to have the best of things, and you only really needed to ask him for him to give, though sometimes mum was in the equation then he would say “Go ask your mum first. If she says yes, then I’ll give it to you”, and most times mum would say no. Because…Mum😰.

He is someone I never want to disappoint, because I know that he provides and loves so much and whenever I do anything that disappoints him, it’s even worse than telling my mum. And a lot of times, I have to go to meet my mum, pour out my heart to her, and then let her tell me the best way to go explain myself to him so that he wouldn’t be too mad.

My dad is a forgiving man. Whenever I told my mum I was scared to go report myself to him about something wrong I did, my mum always encouraged me saying “Your dad is a very forgiving dad, and you know that once you apologizes he is going to forget about it immediately”, and this is very true.

I remember the times I was in junior secondary school, that I really hadn’t figured myself, and usually came home with crappy result. Sure, dad spoke to you and you would want to cry, he lets you know that he loves you, and he wouldn’t use the result to punish you and take things away from you.

I remember the number of times my sister had spoilt the laptop that she uses in school. My dad kept on buying for her. It actually begun to get me pissed, even when I wasn’t the one buying. My dad was of the opinion that, agreed. She had done something wrong, but to him, it did not mean we had to punish her with that by not letting her take another laptop to school. By the way, it’s a boarding school I attended, a boarding school she’s attending, and same for my junior brother.

All my dad was concerned about was that he did not want his baby having no laptop when the rest of the class had a laptop. He said he didn’t want anything hindering her studies, and he kept buying, and repairing.

He’s honestly the best dad, and when I was much younger and had the thought that my mum was not my real mum [come on, we’ve all passed these stages🙈]. Anyway, while I had that thought, I also had the one that he was my dad cause he wasn’t as mean as I thought mum was, and then my little brain was confused because there was no way I was adopted if my dad was my father, and the other thought that it was someone else other than my mum that conceived me with my dad put a sour taste in my mouth, so I just choose think I was “mum adopted”. Ever heard something smarter than that. Nah you haven’t. 😂


I know,

That sometimes you feel,

Like I love mum

A lot more than I do you,

Simply because she’s mum,

And yes,

I do love mum,

But I love you as well.

And just as much.

The life I have now,

Wouldn’t be as it is,

Without your love,

Your care,

Your compassion,

Your understanding,

You are a lot of things,

And the role you have played

In getting me where I am today,



I love you.


         You have been awarded…


Whether or not your biological father plays the role as your dad in your life, if you have anyone that serves as a father figure, that is like a dad to you, be thankful to him, and tell him


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