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While there are going to be spoilers, I assure you I am not spoiling this novel for you totally.


I got to know about this book through a blogger. I think I saw it while reading a book related award post, and I decided to get it.

This book is a very lovely book, though I wasn’t really sure of it when I begun. Most times I read chick lit (adult romance). I don’t really read teen stories except on Watt pad. It also didn’t seem to me like the typical teen love story either, so I didn’t know what to expect.

This book surprised me, and blew me away.

Somehow as I got to the middle of the book, I had the feeling that it was going to break my heart, and break my heart it did.

The story centered around two teenagers, Finch and Violet.

I’ll start with Violet. Violet is a girl who you could say is part of the main chicks clique. She was a part of the cheer squad, and had a boy friend, Ryan Cross. She also moved with the major jerks in the school. Amanda, who was also part of the cheer squad, and her boy friend.

However, it isn’t so for Violet right now, which is at the beginning of a novel, because she had just lost her sister. She ran a magazine website along with her sister and they wrote about gossips, boys, and a lot of teenage relating stuff. It was a popular one.

However now that her sister, Eleanor was not around anymore, she no longer has a sense of purpose. The websites name itself was eleanorandviolet.com  and it seemed wrong that she should be the only one running it. Her sister, Eleanor, was the one who wielded power the most of the both of them. She was the one who made the decisions, and it was understandable that she would feel lost now that Eleanor was gone.

There was also the issue of her feeling guilty over the death of Eleanor. She had told her to pass a particular place on the night of the accident, and she felt guilty that if she hadn’t said anything, Eleanor might still be around.

There was also the issue of her slacking in her studies. Suddenly, Violet who could write ten pages when five was required became the one that begun to slack.

She was spared by a lot of teachers who were sympathetic because she had lost a sister.


Finch was a guy who you couldn’t exactly call nerdy. He was weird, but a different kind of weird. He was a guy that got inside his head a lot, and a very complex, and interesting character.

He and Violet met at the bell tower where he rescued her from falling down. Somehow, the story got twisted that Violet was the one that was trying to save Finch, and he never corrected anyone.

He didn’t have friends, though he called Charles his best friend, simply because Charles, unlike everyone who agreed him weird, never voiced it out. He also moved with Brenda, and he didn’t complain too much about them, even when it felt to me like Charles teased him at every opportunity he got. About how, ‘no offence’ he usually said, but he could never get it on with a girl. Unknown to Charles, Finch had gotten on with girls. Lots of girls. You see? I said it was a weird type of weird 😰

He got interested in Violet, and decided to create a face book account just to talk to her (What we do for love…). To him, he was just checking to see that she was still alive. That was what he kept telling himself at the beginning. (Yeah Finch. Awesome move.) 

At a class, Finch suggested a project that the teacher agreed to, and he said he wanted to be Violets partner. She was mortified, and what I drew from a lot of her behaviors, was that she didn’t want to be seen with him(I seriously did not like her at this point). She didn’t want anyone to think that they were even friends. While she didn’t feel so much purpose with her friends, she still wanted to be accepted amongst them(Seroosly V, make a choice will ya?).

She felt shivers whenever she and Finch bumped hands, or touched, and for a while she chose to shut that feeling down. Ryan still wanted her as a girl friend, but she kept refusing him.

After a while, Violet, who at the beginning was wary about the trips with Finch, she begun to look forward to it, as she found that she could get loose with him, and actually be happy(You never know until you try baby).

Finch forced her away from the pity box that she had carved for herself in grief. Nine months after her sister had died; she still refused to enter a car. Finch made her do it. Finch made her happy( Yeah. V. He. Did. That).

She was nowhere near a full recovery, but Finch did more than the counselor she was seeing in the school had done.

Finch did a lot of things to clear his mind. Like playing guitar, and running miles. In one of his runs, he saw a meeting place for the people that had attempted suicide, or  even had the thought about it.

He entered, and after a while, saw Amanda, the queen bee, the cheer leader, who used the name Rachael in the group, came in, dressed in an attire that was different from her diva self. After the meeting was closed, she drew him close and explained a little of why she was there. Turned out she wasn’t so perfect either. She warned him not to say anything. By this time, Finch had already been expelled from school, and his mother knew nothing about it.

His mother tried to be a cool and good mum, but it seemed like she couldn’t get over the fact that her husband had left her, and she was in her head a lot. Whenever calls came from the counselor or the school, Kate, the first born and his elder sister, was the one who answered, acting like his mum, always covering for him. 

By now, Violet was good, very happy in fact, but at this time, it was the worst for Finch. He was going fast in a down ward spiral, and Violet did not notice.  

Amanda told violet about seeing him in a suicide counseling class and this made violet very scared. She knew there was no way she could talk to him without him getting pissed and then she decided to tell her father who called the house, and also got a psychologist to also call.

It was a frantic time. This is the peak of the novel. No one replied to the messages, and by the time violet went by to the house, he wasn’t around. For days she tried calling him, but he never answered, only sending her messages she couldn’t make a thing out of. She decided to try to forget about him. She was angry, and did not understand why Finch was being like that.

After a few days of not hearing from Finch, Kate came to her and showed her a letter that Finch had written to them. She tried to find out what he meant, and by the time she discovered, it was too late. Finch was dead.

This isn’t where the novel ends, but this is where I am going to stop with the review. I read till the end, but I couldn’t care after Finch died by drowning himself.

I was angry. Sad. Hurt. I kept reading after his burial, hoping that Finch would come back, that it would be the wrong body that had been found. I didn’t want to be convinced that Finch had died, but I was.

I cried.

I don’t like a book that doesn’t have a happy ending. I don’t like the hurt, because it’s over whelming. After the entire journey with him, I was sad, but I understood why she wrote it. A lot of people also felt that way, and she wanted to be a voice.

At the end, you learn that it’s not about what you take, but it’s about what you leave. 

It’s a very powerful and touching story. 

I am rating the novel three and a half stars.

If you liked it, please do get it. It’s a beautiful book. I didn’t cover a LOT of happenings. 

I have come to the end of the review now. Tell me what you thought of it, and the story.


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