The first thought I had when I saw that this was this week’s topic, it was uh oh, this is going to be hard. Nah. Not because I’ve received so many wonderful things that choosing the best I was going to talk about would be much hassle, it’s the opposite actually. My thought was, I don’t receive gifts, so what was I going to talk about?

Inspiration struck quickly enough. While I may not receive physical gifts a lot, I have something that people give to me that is more tangible than that. Today, I’ve decided to intimate you all on a relationship with this guy I had in secondary school. We got close in senior secondary school one. Let’s call him T.

T and I got close in senior secondary one, and even closer in senior secondary three, the final class in secondary school. Right now, I can’t remember most of what we talked about, but I know we talked a lot. I also remembered we laughed. A lot.

I can’t forget the times during prep that we would stay together. It was probably the best time I had in all of secondary school. When I think of the moments we had which happens very rarely, what I remember is that I laughed a lot. I can’t remember what we spent all those time talking about. We couldn’t possibly have only laughed for all the times we were together definitely, but I’m glad for that. 

By the time we finished secondary school, we weren’t talking, and I mourned our relationship, but soon enough I had other important things to do that took my mind away from us, but times like this, when I let myself think of the short time we spent in each other’s company, I smile, because I am thankful for him, gifting me his time, as short as it might have been.

At the time we stopped talking, I wasn’t angry. A little hurt because I liked being with him, but it seemed like subconsciously I knew that it wasn’t going to be one that would be for so long. I didn’t try getting us closer anymore since I already knew it had ended, and all we had left was memories, which was enough.


So many times,

It’s just memories 

That let you know

That what you had with one,

Is not just a wishful thinking 

And I’m glad we had ours.

It wasn’t long,

But then,

What lasts forever?

I enjoyed the times in your presence,

As you did in mine,

And that was enough.

We gave each other our time,

And dedicated ourselves,

To the relationship.

That alone,

Brings a smile to my face.

As what could be any more important

Than time?

You gave it to me,

Short as it may now seem,

And for that,

I am grateful.


Hi everyone, this is my reply for the fourth week of 2017, on the 52 weeks of gratitude challenge. 

Have you had that relationship with someone where you were so close, never wanted it to end, but when it did you just swallowed, turn your back, knowing that it was the end of it, and not trying  to restore it back as it would just give you ugly memories of your time with the person?

That’s what happened with I and T. 

Have you had such experience? Can you relate to it? Let me know in the comments and let’s talk. 

How are you all doing? 


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