Walking alone is something a lot of people dread, for good reason. Why would you want to walk with the thought that the whole of the world is staring at you, and accessing everything? The way you’re walking, watching to see whether you’ll trip, or just nastily accessing your clothing.Walking alone is a really big deal, that when you want to go to the toilet you have to take an army {this I am very certain for the female sex. Do guys do it as well?}. But how about when you are someplace you do not know anyone, and there is no choice but to walk alone?

I am going to give you basic survival tips that let you escape these dreaded situations unscathed.


Your dressing is a very important factor, because when you dress well and you know it, you feel more confident walking alone, because you know that you look good. Now, you must remember that not everyone might define that as “dressing good”, but don’t let that bother you. Once you wear something you know is good, it increases your confidence level a huge notch.


If you’re going to walk alone, you have to know how to raise your chin high. Now, some may deem it a proud manner, but it all depends. This is a situation, and you need to be armed with all you have. If you have issues walking alone, you might also have issues raising your chin high while walking. Mostly you would want to stare at the ground till you get to where you are going, but you shouldn’t take that coward move. Make eye contacts with one or two people as well for good measure.


Now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be with a pen, but it would serve. especially one with a cover, or one that you press the bottom to see the pen. While walking alone and raising your chin to assume that confident stance, it may get too much, and you may begin to get very nervous. A pen would become very handy then. You can be opening and closing it, using one hand. It would help distract you from the reality of what you’re doing, and helps your journey alone to go smoother. The motion of opening and closing the pen is a very good distracting technique.


This is also a very good distracting technique, though you don’t want the volume to be high. Let it be moderate enough that you can still hear if someone comes to talk to you, but also enough to let you focus more on the music than letting you get too much in your head that people are staring you to death.


I do this quite a lot. Now, how it goes is basically me looking at however is in my front and trying to make out from how the person walks, or how he dresses, how the person really is. Whether he’s a nice person, a reader, his bad habits, whether he has a girl friend or not. Trust me, the possibilities are endless. You just need to let your imagination work.


If you do not have any one to stare at in front of you, or do not have a pen in hand, don’t wring your hands. Just begin to think of a book you have just finished reading, or for the ones that prefer movies, analyzing anything. You can day dream about that hot guy and imagine your life with him. You can imagine your babies, and even give them names. It’s even best if you haven’t finished watching the book or movie. You can begin to predict how it would end, if she’s going to end with guy A or Guy B {Not sorry. I read books that have at least an element of romance}.

And as I said in Number 5, the possibilities are endless. Before you realize it, you’ve reached where you’re going, and you are safe from the prying eyes of people.

Now, I would have you know that most of the time, no one is really looking at you. While you think they are staring daggers at you, it’s mostly a harmless glance, except if there is reason to, and if at that time, attention is on you for any particular reason. Except for this, it’s just the occasional glance that you give just anybody that you see that you may never even remember seeing them again.

So that’s the end of this survival tips while walking alone. If you liked, can relate or have experienced any of these, do say so in the comments. If you have any other survival tip on walking alone, make sure to say so in the comment. Your tip might help someone.

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