For now, I have just one blogging pet peeve, and it’s one that gets me rolly eyed and disgusted when I see it on any body’s blog.

Now, I understand something. I know not everyone would like an individual’s blog. The person may seem perfect, and that may even be a reason why they do not like the blogger, or they don’t like the style of writing, or they do not even like the things they rack about, but they keep following them and commenting because the person probably has a very large number of views and you know that commenting on the blog is a sure fire way to advertise yourself.

Let’s be real here please. Most of you reading this right now are bloggers, and there are some things you manage just for the sake of growing your blog, and you all know this. If you choose not to agree, you probably have a growing blog already…but think back to the time when you had just started and you didn’t really know how it was going to go, and you looked to the bloggers that had more than a hundred followers like they were special beings…or the ones that had over a hundred likes. You were in awe, but you determined that you were also going to make your blog grow to that extent. In your journey, you would have met people like you. Beginners, but you know they don’t have a lot of visits, so sometimes you go to the people that have a lot of visitors, skim through their posts just a bit, and comment something good.
You’re probably even disgusted with the person’s style of writing, but from your stats you have seen that you get quite a number of visits from people that click your blog, from your comments on their blog, so you just have to endure the bouts of dissatisfaction at what they post, and just comment.
When you then get to an amount of followers that you don’t need the person any more, the only reason you then continue following is because you have a twisted sense of gratitude for the person and then you just like their posts and don’t even bother to read it anymore.
Not all of you reading might understand, but I’m positive lots will understand.
Now, my blogging pet peeve is bloggers that don’t shut up about themselves.
I’m not going to try to make it seem any gentle. I mean, were talking about a pet peeve here. Anyone reading this might find these characteristics in themselves, and might feel pissed, but really. That is your business. This is me saying the things I do not like, and you aren’t compelled to change, though it would be nice if you actually recognize it they are true in your life, and try to moderate it.

Now, on to bloggers that do not shut up about themselves.

I don’t have a problem with a blogger that makes a post about hitting 50 followers, 70 followers, 100 followers, a thousand followers, even if it comes in weekly. You’re happy with your achievements and it’s something you’re proud of, and you do not mind letting everyone know about it.

What I have a problem with however, is letting the whole blogging community to be aware of the short amount of time you have been blogging, and how quickly it goes. Sometimes, you go to the extent of bringing your stats, the improvements, and all of it, to the blog.

Sure, you’re happy about it. Sure. You say…I couldn’t have gotten here, so far, without you all, and all of that, but do you have an idea of how much people feel like a failure when you post those damned stats?

You probably think, it’s my blog. If they don’t like what I blog about they should fuck off. One person who unfollows wouldn’t be a huge blow. You believe you can do whatever the hell you want. You see the blog as your little corner, and you want to “be yourself”, and doing that, you somehow forget that this really is just a community, and some people come here for solace, but all you really make them feel like is that they are failures, because you cannot shut up about your achievement, and how you came online to do something, and as expected, “your notifications are full”.

So yeah. That’s my blogging pet peeve. This is a community. A virtual one though, which should even make you be on your best behavior at least. 

To anyone reading this, and recognize these attributes in yourself, you’re not a dick if you didn’t recognize that people, no matter how happy for you they seem in the comments, also feel let down, and question whether blogging is really want to do.

Definitely, people would feel threatened by people’s success. It’s inevitable. But then, you should just do your best, and try not to be too pompous. No matter how easy you seem, and don’t say too much about yourself on your blog, people would still feel threatened, and wonder what it is that they are doing wrong.

So yeah. That’s my blogging pet peeve.

Do you share the same blogging pet peeve as me?

Don’t forget to say so if you do in the comments. It’s also expected that there are individuals that won’t share the same pet peeve as me. You’re in my domain however, so you are compelled to tell me yours😛.

I might turn out to even be guilty of some of yours…especially ones that their pet peeve is bloggers that interact with their supporters (Could there be anyone that feels that way?👳). I’m not ashamed of that. I am proud of everyone that supports me, and I will always try to at least interact with them. Let them know that they matter. Not just mere followers.

So yeah. Tell me your pet peeves and let’s tackle ourselves.