She jolted and woke up immediately at the noise. It sounded like someone was crying, but it couldn’t be. Once again, she had begun having the so consistent hallucinations. She usually heard baby cries, she wished for it, but she never had heard it. Not from Shane. 

Nora had given birth to Shane two week ago, but he had not said anything. No sound had come out of his mouth yet. He yawned alright, but he never cried.  The doctors had checked, and checked, yet nothing was found. He was said to be alright, but then, they had also said if they didn’t know what was wrong now, it could lead to an even bigger complication, and that was what Nora feared the most. 

The even bigger complication. Ever since she gave birth to him, she always heard cries, but it had all being her imagination, and this night, she wasn’t going to torture herself to waking up, just to go back to sleep, feeling more miserable. She couldn’t afford to hope once more. She was drained. 

She had little sleep, she had begun to look dreadful, she didn’t get herself, and now, she was tired. 

The little wail begun to sound louder with every second, and Nora begun to genuinely fear for herself. Was she really going mad? Was this going to be her end of sanity? 

The wailing got louder, and she couldn’t ignore it anymore. She was going to stand up and then not sleep anymore. So be it. 

This was what her life had begun. 

She sat up from the bed slowly, and turned to look at him, her heart pounding. 

She was hearing the sound, but what if she looked and it turned out to be a product of her imagination? It would not be the first time. 

She turned finally, putting all doubts aside, and looked at the cot where her baby was. 

Her heart skipped beats as she watched her baby. Her crying baby. 

Shane was all into the act as he had his tiny arms up as if demanding to be carried, and he shouted. He cried so loud, and as Nora stood up, with shaking hands and feet, tears dropped down her eyes. 

She had never imagined she would think a baby’s cry beautiful, but that was what Shane’s cry was to her. 


She moved close to him, though with deliberate slowness. She didn’t want to scare him, or do anything that would make him stop crying. 

She got to his cot at last, put her hands in it ever so gently, and lifted up her baby. Her Shane. 

She rocked him, smiling though her tears, and went to sit on the bed, discarding the flimsy cloth she had wrapped around her body. 

She hugged him to herself, and put his mouth to her breast. Contented. 

This time when he stopped crying, she wasn’t scared.


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