​Hi everyone… 

Today I’m going to write about my city, and how grateful I am for it. Frankly, I have nothing in my head right now, we’re just going to see where my pen takes us to. 

So… I’m a Nigerian, and I reside in Lagos State, the most popular of all states in the country. It’s the place where some people have dreams of coming to, because they believe once they can get to Lagos, a better life awaits them.

Lagos isn’t the best state, to me anyway. It’s just… The jungle of activities. It’s always bustling. People are everywhere, buildings are every where, there is rarely a breathing space, renting a house is as expensive as fuck…

Yeah well, that’s Lagos.

So what am I thankful for? 

I’m thankful for the fact that I reside here, because I get to eat awesome burger, ice cream, and pizza. I gotta tell you, some states don’t have that because there are no too much activities there, and these restaurants wants to sell, so they are hardly there. 

This is harder than I thought. 

I’ll try this a bit differently. A poem.


Right now, 

I’m blank.

Cause I’ve never had to think. 

Never had to think of why

I am grateful. 

Isn’t it funny?

How I’m grateful about restaurants? 


Not really. 

But I’ve never counted my blessings 

As regards to this place I live in. 

This place I’ve lived all my life. 

I think it’s something that happens 

When you’re too familiar with something. 

You don’t exactly feel thankful for it

Not because it’s so bad,

But because you’ve been there for so long,

And you want a better place. 

Every time you compare the states

Of other countries, 

Because you think yours is just terrible. 

But today,

I’m going to be thankful about my state. 

About burger and ice cream

To be precise. 

Wouldn’t hurt to add pizza. 

Is that something small? 

No it isn’t. 


My Father. Dad, was able

To build a life

For his family. 

A life no one

Thought him capable of. 

I think that. 

Is what, 

I am most grateful for. 


Well well. You just had to stop when things were getting interesting yeah? 

So hello again✋✌. Nothing is too small for you to be grateful for. When in a whole state, it’s just the pastry🙈😰 (I promise more than that, but ideas are failing to come😤😩). Have you been in the situation when it just seems impossible for you to think of something you’re grateful for as regards to any topic? Please tell me topics where you believe you will face difficulties if asked to be thankful for them. 

Now, everyone has to comment. Tell me the city you live in, and at least three things you are grateful about in that city you live in. 

Also if you have any questions as regards to Nigeria, feel free to ask.


Now… Some appreciation photos…. Enjoy. 

A beautifully captured image of Lagos at Night time.
Another picture of Lagos… And now I’m wondering. How are shots like this taken? From planes?
Yum! What else can I possibly say? Oh… I’m no not sharing this😁🙈
Chipotle pizza. Yo Vegans… I gatchu covered. You can eat all of it😄
Not sharing. Sorry babes😄
I’ll give you a little of it if you’re good😜

I may put up another post in the afternoon as I missed last weeks gratitude post, so I may have to post that of last week’s and this weeks today.