I stared into his eyes, 

Not liking the intensity, 

But unable to tear my gaze

Away from him.

“What is it that you want from me?”

I asked him. 

He moved closer to me,

Entwined my fingers with his, 

And dropped his gaze, 

Looked at our joined fingers. 

“I want you.”

He whispered. 

“I want you to give your all.”

My hands began to shake,

And he soothingly rubbed it. 

“That is all I ask.

I don’t want bits. 

I don’t want to see you

Only at your happy moments. 

I want to share the not so good ones

With you. 

I want to know all. 

All of you. 

I want you to give me. You.”

He raised his head up,

Stared into my eyes again,

Stood up,

Our hands still entwined, 

And with smooth grace, 

Went on a knee. 


Hii… A poem for you. If you didn’t understand, that’s a man proposing to a woman. 

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