I sat beside the bed, 

And watched. 

Watched as life

Was snuffed out of her. 

The only one I love.

The person that gave me a reason to get up from bed. 

The one that got me where I was today. 

The one that made me believe 

In myself. 

If this was how I was being payed

For something I have done  wrong along the line, 

Then truly it’s a brutal one.

Watching your loved one


I thought about Imogen. 

Our adorable little girl

That looked like her momma. 

Everything was taken care of. 

My mum was with her. 

If Imogen died today,

I was taking my life tomorrow. 

I never considered myself

To be one that would think of suicide. 

But now I understood 

I understood why a fair number

Did it. 

“I can’t live without you.”

Is probably something a lot of people

Found sappy, 

But I found that in Mary, 

And when she goes,

There would be no more reason

To keep on. 

I felt little pressure on my hands, 

And I looked at the lovely face of Mary. 

She still looked okay to me. 

She didn’t look sick. 

She looked like the vibrant woman that was mine.


The woman that would never let me sink in misery

The woman that gave me more pleasure

Than I ever thought existed. 

That let me sink into her

Even if it was just to relieve the stress

Of a bad day. 

She let me know

She was always there,

Even when we had problems. 

She could be controlling, 

But when she gave me the control, 

It made me heady. 

Heady with love, 

That I felt like exploding, 

And I knew she felt the same. 

I know she feels the same. 


The whisper broke my heart,

And I couldn’t stop the tears 

That fell

She squeezed my hands again. 

“Baby don’t cry.”

I gripped her fragile hands.

I would hug her tight, 

But the doctor had said

She was too sick for that. 

Too sick? 

I swallowed. 

I couldn’t say a thing. 

“Hug me. Please.”

Bending slowly, 

I hugged her, 

Restraining myself. 

I wanted to loose myself in her.

I was crazy for her. 

“Kiss me.”

I raised my head, 

And looked into her smiling eyes. 

My woman. 

I brought my mouth to her lips, 

And locked it to hers. 

She brought her hands

That was connected to some wires, 

And folded it on my head. 

I raised my head up, 

And she tapped her breasts. 

I put my head on it, 

And stayed contented on the soft swell, 

Hearing the gentle stacatto

Of her heart beat, 

And let that

Be enough. 

For now. 




Hi everyone, this post was really deep, and spoke to me, even the writer, in so many ways. I was actually almost in tears, and well, I think it’s a beautiful story. 

I begun writing, and didn’t stop, until I stopped. 

If you have anything to share regarding the post, feel free to give it in the comment.