Hi. You might have noticed… I’m not as active as I used to be. That’s because of school, and I haven’t had much time to build my readers, look for more bloggers to be friend, or work on my blog if it doesn’t have to do with reading and commenting. I’m still a little constant at that, but really, it’s stress. 

When I begun this blog September 2016, I decided that it wasn’t going to be one of those things I start but never complete. I’m not a very good juggler of activities, and if I try, well I don’t like my efforts because I’m not doing it with all I got. I am also someone who gets tired of things easily. I’m not a very consistent person. It applies to people as well, but I’m not yet ready to put an end to this blog. I’ve made some really great friends, and while I don’t have to part with them if I quit blogging, there are still some really good people here to be friedn that I haven’t met. 

Wrting now, can be pain. On some days, it comes very easily. On some other days, I have to just close my eyes and write something, because I decided that whether or not I am able to do anything extra on building my blog, I was going to keep writing, and I am. 

I’m also not a good follower of schedule, but I decided to try for the blog. It worked for a few weeks, but school isn’t as I envisaged, and there’s so much to read. Schedules aren’t my thing honestly. 

I have so many things planned for the blog but there hasn’t being time to build any of the ideas, as I have little time to do anything except write. 

So this is basically me explaining why my blog has been the way it is for a while now. 

To the most recent friends who made the decision to follow this blog, I promise I don’t ignore this way, but it’s not very easy for me. Sometimes, I might have free time, but I don’t feel like working on the blog. Some other times Im free for just thirty minutes, and I want to try to do something real quick and just make up for a week on silence from me regarding comments and all. I planned a collaboration with Allie, you must have read her lovely excerpt here on my blog, but I haven’t had much time to even work on that, and why I don’t want to push myself, is that I will begin to feel over whelmed, think blogging is a bad idea to work with-with school, and then probably back out, but I’m not ready to, so I’m taking this one at a time. 

If you haven’t given her blog a check head over to her blog right now and see some goodness. 

I’m going to be back, but right now, it isn’t so easy for me. I have a lot on my plate, and as I said, I’m not a good juggler. I’m still going to be posting frequently, so this is just to explain the reason I may not read your blogs or say hello as I like to do. 

To the ones that still followed this blog, thank you. It means a lot. 

I’m still a bit active on Twitter as I don’t have post anything more than 140 characters, and sometimes, it’s just my pictures I post. 

My username is @femiiesther . Say hello 😃

And…I need a boy friend. On a very serious note😂😂

Okay screw the laughing emoticon. I really need a boyfriend. I’ve been screaming it on twitter (okay okay I only tweeted in it once, and it was to look for someone’s phone to dump my pictures.Thanks Savvy 😘. He was a good sport. Check his blog out will ya?)

My Best Attributes 

*I’m a writer. A romance writer. You have to love me😂. 

*I can be very sweet. Rumple your hair and all of that. (why do guys hate this so much😂) Someone tell me? 

*I’m a very good advisor (duh😛)

*I’ll blow your phone with pictures with lovely pictures of me (at the beginning. Gets weirder later😜)

*I’m small (or short? Short sounds somehow. I’ll use…of little height 😄), so any shirt (most guys anyway) would look big on me…and you guys looove stuff like that (🙈😝)

*I can get moody too (more a warning than attribute 😐)

As much as I’ll love to share all my attributes, I really can’t, as it depends on how you are towards me. Nice, you see nice. Bad? You see bad. Tit for tat baby (I don’t believe in this by the way. You hurt me I hurt you? Nah. The world is a terrible place already. No need to make it worse) 

*…and we can’t forget my sexy voice😛😝 Yup Yup. I enjoy chats with voice notes. 

Okay… That’s going to be all for now. Come and unravel the mystery that’s me😜. 

I know you’re wondering the criteria now. 

I’m eighteen (in a few months anyways 😶), so use your discretion as you ask. You can always get me on Twitter, or here. Apply quickly please 😛 I don’t have much time 😚

Even if you’re 30 and interested ask okay? 🙈

I’m serious 🙈😁

Laters bab(y)(ies) (my 50 shade readers will get this).