A few of you are probably rolling your eyes. What? Is she twelve? So what if she forget Biebers birthday? No one above fifteen is that crazy about him anyway. 

Oh hey hey… I’ll correct you there. I really like Justin, and I’m not scared to say that, regardless of the fact I’ll be adult in a few months. Yay!!😐

By the way, no one say any crappy thing about Justin and how you don’t like him and how he changed once he got his tattoos and spoilt your childhood and crap like that okay? I don’t think I’ll like to answer any of that so I’ll just ignore it okay? 

Fact is, we all have this mental image of someone. Something some people somehow forget is that they are human like you, which means they grow (well except you’re like vampire or something? But surely even they grow maturity wise yeah?) as I was saying, as they grow, then begin to make their own life decisions, and just because it doesn’t match with what you had conjured for their future in your head doesn’t mean they’re terrible people who changed as soon as he grew. Same for y’all who say shit on Miley Cyrus (Don’t even let me get started on that. I’m not exactly a big fan, I like a few of her songs, but I have this thing against people who think they can talk shit about her just cause she didn’t come to you to review her life decisions) 

So…yeah. I forgot March 1st of every year is Justin Biebers birthday, until I saw his instagram post and I was screaming and trying to make up for not gushing earlier about his birthday (πŸ˜…)
Then after I was done, I thought (like that’s new😐). I thought about how so many things were changing in my life, how a lot of things have seized to hold much priority in my life anymore. For instance, I didn’t go check the winners of the Grammy’s or Oscar’s (still haven’t checked. Tell me your favorite actors or actresses who won?). 

In a lot of ways, forgetting Biebers birthday has let me know how much I’m changing, and no more the kid. It’s letting me know how much I’m growing, where lately, I’m just not bothered about somethings if it doesn’t concern myself, my friends, families, and some other important people in my life. 

I’m focusing more on the good things I have in life, and trying as much I can to ignore things that don’t make me too happy. There are bad days, but I am growing, and I’m grateful for that. 

I’m grateful for my friends. Grateful for the fact that I have friends that don’t talk crap about people. We could spend an hour teasing ourselves on the most weird stuff, and I laugh a lot when I’m with them. I have always being grateful to have them, and even more when I hear what goes on with friends. I walk with people sometimes and all they’re full of is…have you seen that girl? She came back from the holiday and she’s bloated, I couldn’t even recognize her, she’s so fat… And all really not nice stuff about people. I then wonder… This is what she talks about with her friends, this is what they’re laughing at when they’re together?

We don’t sit down and share our secrets and the boy we like or don’t, but we care about each other, have a distinct relationship, and talk about the things that matter. 


Hello… How are you all doing? Good I hope. 

Tell me three things you like most about your friends, and three things you don’t really like that they do. 

Oh… Your favorite winners of the Oscar’s and Grammy’s? And you’re totally free to rant on the person who was nominated you wanted to win and didn’t… 

Rihanna didn’t win any Grammy’s? (An opener for our gistπŸ˜‰πŸ˜…)

Viola Davis?

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