We struggled to climb the steep hill, long grass swaying against me in the late night breeze. When we had finally made it to the top, a blue velvet sky crushing us underneath its weight, we collapsed together, flattening down patches of the grass with our bodies, staring up at the crushed diamonds. 

“Why did you bring me up here?” I asked. Their fingers were centimeters away, and, although their face was turned up towards the sky, I could feel them stretching out towards me. We were close enough to touch, and yet I felt so far away. 

“That one.” They said, pointing. “Do you see it?” 

Without them ever being specific, I knew which star they were talking about. Its color a musky red, its light dimmer, but still shining. 

“I do.”

“That one, is you.” They told me. I stared back up, then at them, then to the blades whispering at my feet. 

“This is another one of your clever metaphors, isn’t it?” I asked, and they laughed. A laugh that, I felt, the stars were jealous of, as they almost seemed to drop down closer to us to hear it better. 

“It is.”

“Well, let’s hear it.” I said, getting comfortable in my little patch, flexing out my fingers, letting the wind run across the bridge of my nose and the arch of my lips. 

“See, the funny thing is, that isn’t a star at all. It’s a planet. But it still glows in the dark, like every other star. The difference is, as you get closer, you realize that they’re completely different. Like you. You shine, just like everyone else, but in a completely different way. Just have to get close to enough to find out.” 

“Hmm.” I blinked up at the planet, and it winked back at me.


Hi everyone, this is another excerpt from Allie. I had to read this about three times before I really understood this, and it really is a lovely write. I have italiced the part that spoke to me most, which I guess is the heart of the write. 

I feel it’s basically saying we might be different, but the thing is, in our own peculiar way, we shine. Sometimes, people don’t discover this, and then live in their own shadow, or the shadow of another, for the most of their lives, because they don’t see their shine. They don’t know that they are stars, different for a reason. 

A few people realize this early on, some realize it too late, and some others, never. 

You are special. You are a star. You’re different. 

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