​I threw pebbles into the water, and watched it’s movement inside the water. It was all peaceful here. The few people that were here looked like me. Immersed in their thoughts. There were more couples than singles though, hugging, and every once in a while, I heard the melodic laugh of couples. 

It was distracting. It was what I wanted. I came here because of the quiet, and because I wanted to surround myself with the memories. Memories of the time when it was good. 

I threw another pebble, and watched the beautiful move it caused in the water.

Daniel had gone three weeks ago, and we had needed to break the relationship. He said there was no way long distance would work, but what really unnerved me of it all, was his readiness to let go. 

He wasn’t really going to try to see if it would work. 

After three years.

A strong wave came and after a while water cooled my feet. 

I accepted it. I didn’t know if it was heart break, but lately I had been coming here, thinking of everything and nothing. 

I now thought of the whole relationship. Now that I thought of it, in the way a third party would do, it all seemed like sham. Like we really didn’t have anything going. 


I turned back, with a smile on my face, and saw the sillohuete of Dan. 

Okay, so this was probably another reason why I came here. 

“You’re in farther than usual. Trying to drown yourself?”

I laughed softly, and walked towards him. 

“Would you let me?”

“Never. You said you weren’t going to be here today.”

We were standing in front of each other now. 

“Did you then have some other girl you came here to meet?”

He shook his head, and took another step, now so close, I could just wrap my hands around him in a tight hug. 

“I had a little hope you’ll be here.”


“That I was. Am.”

He wrapped his hands around me, and I didn’t leave. 

We had no communication outside of this beach, and for two months now, we had been meeting. 

It was nice. We spoke about most things, and seemed to never be uncomfortable even in the topic that would seem uncomfortable normally. I wanted to ask for his number. I know he stayed around, as I was certain there was no way he would drive a far distance just to come to this beach. Every city around here had beaches. Talking to him sometimes was like talking to a familiar stranger who knew everything, and it gave me a sense of home. 

I moved closer and hugged him tight, breathing in his soft cologne. He sighed, and it seemed like a contented one. 

“I was hoping… ”

“Mmm ”

I said, my voice muffled in his chest. It seemed like I could hear every rumble, and now, his heart was beating fast. 

“Your number?”


I said clearly this time, looking at him. 

He averted his eyes as if embarrassed for a moment, then looked back at me. 

“I’ll like to have your number. Where you stay if you don’t mind, and some other things.”



I nodded, and I saw his eyes focusing on my lips. I licked it reflexively, and for a moment his eyes locked with mine. 

He came forward, and I pressed closer to him, puckering my lips a bit, and felt his cool wet lips on mine. 

It was a sweet haven. Pebbles, we’re the last thought as I immersed myself in his arms. 

Hiiii everyone, how are you doing? 

A story… I seem to be writing short stories of late, and I like it. 

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Today, we went to the place, and read. Tried to anyway. I knew us reading together could not really work. There were thousands of things to talk about. Thousands of things we still had to know about each other. To everyone we were super close already, which we were, but it’s just the beginning, and we know it.

Today, we spoke in so much length, and as you pointed out,  made more memories. Can’t forget how you… You know it. I wouldn’t spill here😘Monday was just the beginning. 

Today, we hugged. We hugged so well, playfully, tight, so so tight, and once again, you commented on how I had to stay on my toes to hug you. It’s better that way, as when I put my arms around your neck, it just so much more comfortable. Settled in the crook of your neck. 

Today, something happened that you weren’t really happy about, but it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself much over it. I just wanted you to know. I hope you really meant it when you said it didn’t bother you as much anymore. 

Today, I sleep with a smile on my face, happy to have a friend like you. 


I think I might be doing something like this at the end of each post. The friend I speak about above doesn’t read this blog, though it wouldn’t make a difference if he did. 

And… Just on a fun note… I’m not sleeping anytime soon. There’s this test I have tomorrow, and well, I need not say no more. 

Have a great day lovelies. 

Tlyouwomen out there, a very happy Women’s Day to you! 

A quick question to female reading this. If you were to come back for a second life, and you were told to choose the sex you would come back in, what sex would you choose? That of a male or that of a female? Also give at least a reason to support your reason.