When you have someone

Who’s ready to pick you back up at every fall, 

Don’t go ignoring them, 

Or not giving them a time of the day, 

Just because you are now in a happy place, 

And someone you happen to like shares the same feeling, 

And all seems jolly good for ya. 

They get sad too. 

They want someone to talk to as well, 

But because you are insensitive to their feelings, 

You never remember them, 

Until things begin to go in a downward spiral for you, 

And even then, 

You aren’t there. 


I tweeted the above yesterday, and early today, I saw something that made me want to make it into a blog post. 

Everyone of us, are guilty of this. Sometimes, you don’t know, but the person might feel that way. For instance personally, I can’t think of being accused of this by anyone, but I know I would have a lot of people who think this way of me. It’s inevitable, and the reason for this is, for some particular people, we expect more from them than they can actually give us.

As I am maturing, I’m beginning to view things in a different light than I would have viewed it even a few months back. When people leave, sometimes, we need to let them go. We’re sad. We would see why they never seem to be attuned to our feelings when we are in tune to every one of their feelings. 

Those feelings are one sided, and as much as its not a fun experience, you can’t actually blame the other person for not feeling the same way as you do. 

Very rarely, you find someone who seems to just be the best. You like the person, the person likes you, your world seems to be in perfect order, and while you should revel in that, it may not last forever. Of course thinking this may not help you enjoy the moment, but if you’ve being a victim of it before, you are reluctant to actually just let go and love. You don’t want to take that big step. The plunge. 

I’ve decided to relate it to blogger friends. When I begun blogging, I imagined having a good friend base (which I’m grateful to have), however, it wasn’t exactly my drive. I just wanted to do something, and prove to myself I could do it. I wanted to prove to myself that I can remain consistent at something. 

Anyway, I’ve being here for a few months, and I have seen a lot of bloggers story. They needed an outlet, they needed friends, and loads of other reasons. 

Blogger friends… If you have a blogger friend you don’t know in reality and you happen to still be going strong (as friend or any other kind of relationship), then lucky you. Not a lot of people are that lucky. 

A present constant I usually find that teen bloggers say is… I’m always there for you. Talk to me. 

When I just begun blogging, say a few weeks into it, I’m sure I said something like this as well, but I’ve grown, and I can’t say that anymore. I can tell you to come burden me with all your problems, and I’ll be there for you, and be an outlet. To me, you’re probably this very good friend who I always like to talk to to make feel better. Regardless, I see you as a secondary part in my life. You however sees me as primary because finally after a long while there seems to be someone that gets it. 

Later on, life happens, I don’t have as much time to respond to messages, or put my heart to answers when I reply, and you begin to feel neglected. It’s happened to most active bloggers that has being a while in the scene. 

But you have to understand. Life moves on. If you’re making a virtual person a principal part of your life, and you know very well that you’re the one who’s more eager to talk to the person, always remember that they also have a life, and when things happen and they don’t seem as happy to talk to you anymore, or they keep being busy (they might really be), I tell you, let go. Let them go. 

In your mind you harbour the thought that your relationship was a good one and you can’t let it go, you’ll cause yourself heart break, because it just wouldn’t be the same. After a while if they still message you once in a while, be content with that and move on.

If they don’t, that’s fine. Move on. 

None of the two parties are really to blame. One just feels more than the other. 

At the same time, if there is someone who happens to always be there to lick your wounds, don’t go ignoring them when things are well for you, and don’t rub your goodies in their face. You may not know since you have little Carr for what goes on with them, but they may be going through a lot, and you announcing how well things are going with you will not make them feel any better. If you have no care for what goes on in your life, at least don’t  say how good things are for you. You’re happy, but sometimes, you have to put people’s feelings ahead of yours. Try to be considerate. 

Personally, I’ve reached a place where I don’t give a care of having someone particularly close. For so long I thought I had to have this to actually feel complete, but I’ve grown so much, and I’m still growing. 

One of these days I’ll talk about it, but it’s not today. 

Hi blogriends… Has what I wrote about happened to any of you? Make sure to tell me in the comoments. I’ve once had a virtual someone (can’t call the person a friend) The person said I couldn’t say anything concerning the person as I wasn’t family, or friend. Some who you try to befriend treats you with outright rudeness.

I’ll like for us to discuss on it. 

Thanks for reading 😃