Who has not been around for more than two weeks? 


It’s not something I’m happy about, and it’s not something I had any control on either. 

My phone was “supposedly”as I got to find out, “seized” by a lecturer cause it rang in a class. What happened basically was that why the class was going on, my phone rang, and I had to walk to the podium where he was teaching to hand it to him. It was his rule, so I wasn’t very much surprised. He handed the phone to my class rep, and when he left I assumed he had collected it back from him. 

What I got to find out just yesterday was that he hadn’t actually collected it from the class rep, which meant I could have just gone after the man’s class, to ask him to give me my phone back. 

What I thought was that the man had collected it after class, because I couldnt imagine why he would leave people’s phone with the class rep. It could get missing. Anyway, it turned out I didn’t know that it was all bluff because he had to have known that if he gave the phone to a mate of ours, we would look for a way to get it from him. I didn’t think so. 

I am been going to his office ever since the “deadline”and well, he wasn’t around. Apart from being professor, he still practiced law so I always thought it had to be the reason why he hadn’t been around. 

I called the class rep yesterday to see if there was a way I could get in touch with him to get my phone and it turned out that, BAM! He had been with it all along. I felt a tad stupid as he told me. If I had just asked him, I would have had my phone, but all the same, it was already Two weeks. The only thing I could do would be to get it from him, which I did.

I was also glad the phone hadn’t gotten misplaced too. Something I know about guys is that they can be careless, so I was glad he had kept my phone well. 


I’m here now, and what’s going on in my life? 

I’m starting my departmental exams on Monday. Yay! 


How are you all doing?