Hi everyone, I hope you all have been doing good this while that I have not been around. I seem to have gotten the vibe back to write, and now I suspect that  my loosing the vibe might have been the result of my tight schedule in school, plus I’m not a very good juggler of activities. I usually lose focus in one, and in this case, it happened to be the blog.

At the beginning of the year, I mapped out a schedule for myself that I hoped to stick to. I said I would be posting four times a week, and three in the least. As classes started in its full force I quickly knew that it wasn’t something that I would be able to do, I then begun to write any day I felt like, but that didnt work either. I soon lost the desire to write, and this wasn’t just for the blog. I felt it for everything social. I didn’t feel the need.

Anyway, I’m back now, and my semester exams are over, though that’s not much to rejoice on. Apparently, from what has been seen in the school time table we are going to be resuming on may eighth, and now I’m all about good beginnings so now I have to work up a schedule that is workable. Something that I can get going together along with and not feel over whelmed.

I’m thinking posting twice in a week. If there are other times in the week that I want to post, then I am going to, but I am going to go by two posts a week. These days are going to be Saturdays and Wednesdays. I’ve not seen my time table for next semester but I believe Saturdays and Wednesdays would be convenient.

While on my hiatus, I met a friend online, and we have been talking for quite a while, and well she is going to be taking the floor on Wednesdays.

Her name is Lex. Let’s just call her that. It’s what came to my head. Lex is also a Nigerian, like me, born into a Christian home, and she has decided to share with everyone, her struggle with pornography. Being addicted to pornography is one thing, and being addicted to pornography as a girl, are two very well, not things you want to be, I’m her pen words, and she wants to share her experience. We have a number of things in common. For example, we are both Nigerians, Writers, Christians, studying law in our second year in the university, though she’s older than I am, and more experienced in the secular ways of life. None of us knows how long it is going to go for, but well, it’s going to start.

On Saturdays, I would have the floor and well, it’s going to be my usual. The stories, poems and all those goodness.

Of course, as I said earlier, the posts would majorly be on Saturdays and Wednesdays, though when I feel like it, I can post.

So yeah, this new schedule would commence on Wednesday, featuring Lex.

I would still reply messages, comments, and check all of your blogs, I’ve missed quite a lot on that and well, work on my blog again, and get it alive and kicking.

See ya!