​Grade 10, called in some other Nigerian schools as Senior Secondary One, was a time for a lot of firsts for me. 

My dad got a very good job deal in another state, and we had to move. Moving a lot wasn’t alien to me. Whenever dad got a better job we had to move, and it was brutal when I was young. At times we didn’t stay in the same place for a whole term in the session, and as a result, I had to start different classes all over again. Didn’t stop me from making friends though. I was a young girl child, and I took desire in having friends. I quickly realized I wasn’t like most people, as I was raised with altogether different ethics, but it was still good to move around with people. 

I did move much, but wasn’t as affected woth the break in several relationships as they were just friends. There were no attachments. 

When I entered Grade 8, it seemed like we wouldn’t have any drastic moves again. Dad still moved around, but this time, it was in state. I was quite a sheltered kid. By this time, I was fourteen. This was quite…old, as in Nigeria, people finished highschool pretty early. There were people who actually finished at fourteen. 

We didn’t move after this until I entered Grade 10. At this time, dad was really apologetic about all the moving, and said that he was going to stay in his current place for quite a while. I didn’t have a problem with that.

Grade 10…

Turned out dad had plans for us to be in a boarding school. He said he wanted some stability in our lives, and that boarding school was the way to go about it. I remember staying his room as we checked different boarding schools, their facilities, laughed at the complaints made in some, and finally made a decision. 

My elder brother at this time was in Grade 12, and was beginning to prepare for his upcoming external exams that would help him enter the university, so there wasn’t a point for him to move to a boarding school. 

We were only two, and we had enough of our parents affection bestowed upon us. 

My parents are the best.

Anyway, I divert. 

Grade 10…

The school was very nice. Facilities were in top grade. Dad had the desire to provide the best for us. Laptops were also used in the school for e-learning, though phones were not allowed. 

The U. S. B ports were locked, and the laptop did not have Bluetooth enabled. It was also operated by an administrator, but you know, we found a way around that. Unlocked our ports, but there was nothing that could be done about the Bluetooth issue. 

Dad didn’t know about me unlocking my port. It was my brother, let’s call him Dex, that helped me with that. As we resumed back to school, several people came with several things put in their laptops. 

Songs, movies, books,…porn

Laptops were exchanged, and people exchanged the things they had. I took a laptop and input all the videos on the laptop on my flash, and imputed it to my own system. 

Grade 10 was a time I experienced several firsts. 

It was the time I developed a love for secular music, the time my passion for novels intensified, and the time, the first time I watched porn. 


Hi every one my name is Lex, and I’m going to be using this platform, Esther’s blog, to share my story, on my addiction to pornography. 

See you next Wednesday! 

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