He entered the house, and walked sluggishly to the room, hoping Daniella was sleeping. She was tiresome these days, and always had something to say about everything. At first it was all annoying, but now, it was tiring. If he came back late, she had something to say about that. If l early, there was something to say about that,and there was no pacifying her. The few times he had brought her flowers to calm her, she would accept it with a smile and all would be well that night, but the next day, it would start all over. 

It all started the day he saw her taking a drink with a guy he didn’t know. After questioning her on it, she had managed to turn everything and make him the one at fault. Sure, he knew she was trying to get him never to ask her on it again, and he would, if she would just stop acting like this, and be his  wife back. 

He sat on a sofa and massaged his forehead. It wasn’t like she didn’t have male friends. She had more male friends than female friends even, and though it bothered him a little, he trusted her. What got on his nerves however was that she had gone to see this guy, when she told him that she was going to get her hair done, and she was doing her damnest to get him not to question her. 

He stood up, breathed deeply, and walked to the room. He opened the bedroom door with as little sound as he could, and was surprised when he perceived a perfume that smelt very much like his. He walked into the room and closed the door at his back. The room was in darkness, and as he moved to look for the light switch, the light by the beds came on, and it set a dim glow around the room. 

The flow was covered with roses, and he saw his wife, now in his front, on her knees. He looked into her eyes as he held her hands, trying to wonder what was changed. She had never done this before. 

He gently pulled her up, and he saw that her eyes were down. 

“I’m sorry Johannes. I…”

Her voice broke, and she stopped.

He brought his hands to her chin and used two fingers to raise her head up. Her eyes remained down, and he saw her eyes glassy, filled with tears. 

He walked her to the bed, and they sat on it. They talked for long, and she explained who the man was, and confessed that she had met him at a conference, and knew he took interest in her, but she just wanted to feel the thrill of having a man interested in her. He asked her if he didn’t show her enough affection, and she said she didn’t know what happened. She hadn’t met a guy that loved her as Johannes did, but she wanted to feel that thrill again, from another man. She said she had no plans of doing anything other than their harmless meetings, and with tears still falling from her eyes, she apologized again, and said she had come to her senses, and there was no need trying to get what she already had abundantly, elsewhere. 

With his heart overflowing with more love than he believed he was capable, he hugged her fiercely, and basked in the joy that filled him as she held him tight in her embrace. 

After they released each other, Johannes held her again, with a smile in his eyes. 

“The perfume I smell… Is it mine?”

She looked up at him with a sheepy smile. “Mine was finished, and the roses couldnt just be on the floor without being accompanied by a good scent.”

He laughed and pulled her into his arms. 

“You’re thorough… And I love you!”


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