This is a story in parts. 

Read the first one here: LEXI’S STORY : HOW IT STARTED, for better understanding 

Hi everyone, as this is a story of a girl with an addiction with pornography, there would definitely be scenes and words that will be sexual. I would put two asterisks at the point where the sexual language would proceed.


I remember the first time I watched it. Ah! It’s the core of this story isn’t it? 

I had transferred all of the videos to my flash, and I was literally bubbling with excitement, looking for the opportunity to watch it. While doing the transfer, I had clicked on it and fast forwarded it a bit and saw what it was all about before it was time to go for breakfast. 

I was excited with what I had seen. I couldn’t wait to just get somewhere to watch it, in my own little corner.

There seemed to be one activity or the other on, and it seemed like the day was never going to end. The time I had already allocated to watch it was in the evening. In my room. 

In my room, there were eight of us. Bunks were used, and there were four bunks. The room was very spacious, so I knew so one could stretch the neck and see what I was doing. 

Also, my roommates were so much like me. We minded our business. Sure we got along well, but we were our own person. Private. 

I had heard a few people talking about the pornography, and trying to source the origin, but it was all hush hush talk. Of course. It was like a sacred thing. No. It was a sacred thing. Something that was supposed to be spoken of in secret. 

After we finished the night prayer and we all went to our room, I was anticipating, and my heart was beating hard. I felt like I was going to fall. I wasn’t even sure of my steps. 

A girl, let’s call her Tolu, a room mate, came to walk with me and looked at me. She looked amused. 

“You okay Lexi? You look…fired up.”

I gave a small laugh. “I do? Probably all the reading.” 

She laughed. “Yeah. You do a lot of that.”

And that was it. We walked the remaining distance to the room in silence. 

Have I said how much I liked my room mates? 

By the time we got to the room, the rest of the mates were already there, and we greeted each other. 

We made small talk, and let’s call this other girl Sasha. She was on her laptop, and she gave a small laugh. 

“You guys heard of the porn video that’s going round?”

My heart skipped a beat, and they all gave responses.

“Some people say its from a guy in Grade 12.”

Funmi, another girl in the room said. 

Sasha laughed and shook her head. “Of course. I’ve watched it.”

I turned to face her immediately as for the rest of us, then we burst out laughing. Several other admissions to have watched it proceeded. 

“It’s okay. My romance novels do more justice to sex than it does, though it sexy. Like… More visual.”

Tiwa laughed. “Bad girl. That’s a bad girrrl”

Sasha laughed, the more laughs, then everyone went back to their business. 

I guess the reason I remember this scene in such a detailed manner is because what followed, has impacted my life in many ways. 

Anyway, we went to have our showers, and then around 11, the room mates begun to fall asleep. My bunk mate was long asleep by then. 

I brought my earpiece out from my bag, and connected it to the laptop, and pit the buds in my ear. I got comfortable. Plumped my pillow a bit to the right extent of comfort, and I opened it. I paused it, minimized it, looked around. Everyone was in their business. Sasha was reading a novel. 

The cover was torn, but that was basically not to get in with any authority that saw it. 

Trying to sound light, or normal, I coughed a bit. 

“I’m after that one Sash.”

She looked at me winked, and went back to her book. She couldn’t be separated from it. 

I opened it again, and watched.


It was a hospital scene. A beautiful woman with beautiful large breasts walked in, and a doctor was at the corner, that told her to lie down. I’ll try not to bore you with too much details. As I got to know later on, these kinda scenes are quite popular with the pornography industry. 

Something led to the other, and the man had to separate her legs, and open her wide, and then he begun to finger her. 

I’ve read romance novels. I know what fingering was, but it was the first time I was letting myself physically visualize it.

I looked around again, then went back to the screen. I was beginning to get turned on. I crossed my legs, and held them tight and I watched, my breaths beginning to go faster. 

I held my legs tight, watching as they begun to fuck, and I begun to arch my back a little, my legs still crossed tight, as I watched them. 

The sounds they were making was almost as erotic as the scene they presented, and as the lady got to kneel in front of the man to let him load her face with his junk, as I witnessed the first load, this time, my back was arched higher and I came, at least I think that’s what it is. I mean, this was just like a spot had been reached, and was achieved by me keeping my legs together.

I watched as he dropped more loads on her face, and I was slumped on my bed. I was sweating, and I was wet. I put it off, and begun to feel over come with guilt.

Had I masturbated? That couldn’t be that surely, I hadn’t used my hands to pleasure my genitals while I watched it, but while I might not be sure of that, I had watched porn, and this was some we had always been let known that it was bad, in church, in lessons, every freaking where.

Still feeling shaky, I stood up, removed the shorts I was wearing, and wore a towel, and went to the bathroom to shower again. 

I came back, not feeling so much guilt anymore. I saw what had been written just under the video. Brazzers. I was going to check it. 

With that thought in mind, I slept off.


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