Hiii. This is my third day in the ten day you challenge, where for ten days I am giving something to talk about, and the amount of challenges given increases as the day. 

This is the first hurdle I’m facing in this ten day challenge, and by the looks of it, there are going to be some more. 

I don’t watch movies. Movies aren’t my thing. Novels are more my stuff, so telling me to give three movies I’ve watched and liked, is difficult 😥. I have legit been thinking of what I am going to make of this post when I was going to write it, and it wasn’t until I started, got my blog book, wrote a movie I remembered, that other two came to mind. 

This holiday, I went to see a friend, and there I watched Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. This was what I remembered, and I thought it would be all I would talk about. Thankfully, I remembered others and would then treat them as one. 

Now, my three favorite movies (that I’ve recently watched)


I already said I would treat these three as one. I like love stories, and if I am going to watch a movie that doesn’t revolve around a love story or a romance, it has to at least have an element of love in it, and I enjoyed these movies. I have watched divergent before this past holiday, and that was in 2015. The movie is so so good, and I loved Four! (Theo James).  I liked how he was aloof at the beginning, and how he progressed and begun to soften to Triss (Shaelene Woodley). Oh! And we can’t forget how good looking he is. Then there was Christina, Will, and some others I can’t remember. I liked the story. The plot. What I kept asking her (the person  I went to see) as I begun each of the play were… “Are Triss and Four still going to be together?” If her replies had been no, I wouldn’t have bothered watching it, because it would just break my heart the way John Green broke my heart in The Fault in Our Stars. Its like… I came here for the love story. Let me still feel that love after I watch it. She was trying to sustain my suspense for the movie, but it wasn’t until she told me that even to the last they were still together, that I watched the movie. 

Insurgent was also great (in so far Four and Triss ended up together 😅🙈) but really, I liked the movie. 

Allegiant was quite alienish, and the fantasy thing was put up to another level, but Four and Triss were still together, so I liked it. I got quite fed up of Eric’s betrayal to anyone just for something, and I liked his end. I’m hearing there might be a fourth part. If there is, I don’t want a come back for him. They ended Allegiant quite well, with Triss the new leader, Four with her. Miss Erudite was also locked up. How else could it be better? Plus, Four is with Triss. (oops! Already said that😂 Forgive me guys. I love a good love story) 

(Sorry I rambled a bit in the last sentence you just read cause I know if you haven’t watched the movie you had no idea of what I was going on about. If you have, once you’re done with reading the post, scoot over to the comments and let’s talk about our favourites)

Now on to the second. 


This is a seven episode (I think) movie talking about a rich black American family. It was really good. I laughed plenty, and several times I had to go back to a scene to catch a reaction that got me doubled over laughing. There is the mum, who is black, but mixed. The dad, and his dad. There are also four kids. Four funny kids. It was funny seeing the father aggravated over believing his son was turning to a white kid cause he wants to play field hockey in school, and because his friends shortened his name to Andy. He teaches him how to do the scrunchy face while a lady with a big ass is passing (this scene was funny 😂), and all things he and his dad who is called pops in the house, considered black. There is also the girl who is fifteen, and already complaining about her parents, and starting to think she is an adult. The first boy, who has endless questions about sex to his father who initiated the sex talk because he heard mum had already had it without him, that Andre now begun to think the sex talk was an everyday ritual. Dad begun to hide in laundry room just to get away from him. Lastly, there’s the twins, a boy and a girl. The boy likes to hide, and thinks its fun, until dad finally decides to beat him, only he doesn’t. He finds a better way to get what he wants done instead, and the girl is only convinced of her career part to become a surgeon when she accidentally watched a surgery go on, even when her mum had tried unendingly go get her convinced that she had to choose her own career field (she was a doctor)as her brother was convinced he wanted to be a teen sensation. 
It’s a pretty good movie. I’ll rate it 3.5/5


I’m sure that by now it’s obvious how much I love the movie. I watched it just recently, after all the rage for it had died down. And I totally love it. If you’re looking forward to my rambles about it, I’m sorry, cause you’re just going to have to watch this one. 

I love the movie, and the fact that it isn’t so cartoonish. I liked the fact that they made the characters look human, though I would have liked it better if it had a love story (😝😋). 

I’m rating this 4/5. 

If you have watched any of these, come over to the comments and let’s talk about it. You know you want to.. 😜😜

If you haven’t watched any, come say hi. I didn’t forget ya😅