Nowadays, what is the norm is questioning what has being the normal for long. We want to know why what is what, why we do things. If you say you’re doing something, or you say it’s right, why do you say its right? 

All these questions begun to slowly arise, and adults are beginning to have headaches, because they are the one these questions are dished to. After all, it was then who let us see it as the norm. 

I am one to ask questions normally. I ask lots of questions. Most times, I always have something to ask, especially bloggers. As we are from different parts of the world, when I happen to speak to one who isn’t from Nigeria, I have so much to ask. Culture wise and how things are done there. It’s not limited to them though. Even the ones I make acquaintances with here. The one sure way I get along with people is asking questions. 

I’ve gotten to be aware of a downside to it, as people I’ve said it. I apparently don’t reveal much about me, as mostly I seem to be concerned about knowing what I want to know. But the thing is, if you don’t ask, I won’t offer. I’m not one to offer things. I’ll rather you talk to me, and let me know what you want, but I’m digressing already๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ฏ. 

I thought of a blog post for the topic you see because of something that happened a few days ago between I and mum when I was at home. The last post I made, here, was also inspired by me being home. You see, as I’m the first child, a girl child, I do the cooking when I’m at home. I’ve already attained the age where I can cook almost (key word almost guys. They are still so much I still am learning from mum) everything mummy can because for years I stay in the kitchen when mum is there (as is required for a girl child here), and I watch her (that’s the point), so as I can cook well now, when I’m home from school, I do the cooking for the house. Now, we were to prepare stew, and mum usually boils her stew. 

This is what stew looks like guys!

In this post (you can read here), I explained that as I was in school, I wanted to learn how to do things differently, not just how it was at home, and then, I begun to fry my stew. 

As I came home, I told mum that instead of just boiling it like we usually did at home, why not fry it? She said alright. 

Something a lot of us Nigerians are accustomed to is putting tomato paste in our stew. I believe the main reason is to down the pepper in it, so that it wouldn’t be too peppery. Anyway, when i got to school, one time when I was cooking stew, I decided to do it without putting the tomato paste in it, so see how it would be. It was still very okay when without it, and I told mummy that I wanted to fry it without it. 

Tomato paste!

Mummy was quite surprised. I said. Mum, we put this because it’s peppery right? So it would even if out. Let’s put it without it. I’ve tried it. It’s okay. 

Mum said no. That was how it was. You had to put it. I asked why? She begun to scramble a bit. She said it let’s it taste better. I said. See mum, if you tell me we’re putting this tomato paste for it to taste fine, good. We put it, but you can’t just say it’s what’s done. 

And then I said, you can’t just say that’s how it is. You have to give a reason for why it is. If you tell me it’s for it to taste fine, then good. I’ll do it for that. If you then say it’s how its done, I won’t be able to agree with that, but mum begun to go off about how we of this generation now we questioned everything. When something had always being one way, we had to question it, and I begun to think. 

It’s actually true. Now, we tend to question everything to change the norm. We want to question why things are the way they are, and it’s as a result of this that sounds much is changing, both for the good or bad, depending on how you choose to see it. 

Tell me what you think about this. Is questioning what has being the norm for long a good thing, or it is changing so much things that is already a bad thing, and things should be left the way they are. 

Tell me your view.

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