Was that really our last messages to each other? 
Just yesterday you had a crush on me,

And today I’m being broken up with. 

I go back to it, 

And I see your ‘thank you’,

Still in the last place it was. 

You said its because I like someone who talks,

And you couldn’t do that,

So it couldn’t work. 

It’s hard to believe 

You’re the same person 

Who had a crush on me, 

Just yesterday. 

But I think not. 

It was just that person you thought you knew, 

Cause there was no way I was being broken up with, 

Over the fact that you didn’t like to talk much. 

Okay it’s a big deal, 

Because I can’t deal when you don’t talk. 

I can’t deal when you don’t give the replies.

It doesn’t have to be the right ones.

You just have to reply. 

If you don’t,

I’m over my head, 

And I think I’ve said a wrong thing. 

I prefer not to think this,

As an insecurity. 

Was that really our last messages to each other? 

Just yesterday you had a crush on me,

And today I was being broken up with. 

It’s alright I guess,

But I wonder if I’ll stick to the deal, 

Because even without making it a formal deal, 

It was basically the end of the conversation. 

We both knew it. 

I felt the sadness. 

I don’t know if you did. 


I don’t really know anything about you,

And you’re probably right. 

You aren’t right for me. 

It isn’t the matter of one being better than the other. 

It’s the matter of us not knowing what to do with each other,

As you wouldn’t say anything. 

Normally, I would delete the chat, 

But not the number, 

But I can’t even do that now. 

Because I know I’ll miss your voice,

And I’ll want to listen to voice notes you’ve sent me. 

Was that really our last messages to each other? 

Just yesterday you had a crush on me,

And today I was being broken up with. 

I know I’m going to visit our chats in a later time,

And say hey, 

But it would be a long time, 

A long long time, 

Because you really did it this time.

Somehow it wasn’t mean,

We were quite straight forward for once,

We understood each other,

And we severed the ties. 

I’ll still like to play our mock love affair 

Where we say all sorts of dirty things to each other, 

But mostly,

I just miss the way I felt happy 

When you were actually talking to me,

And not dishing me

Monotone, non committal replies,

But those moments, 

Are only but a few with you.

Was that really our last messages to each other? 

Just yesterday you had a crush on me, 

Today I was being broken up with. 

You know what gets me sad when I think of the fact that we would never even get a chance try to build a friendship? 

It’s that you never let me get to your head. 

You never let me understand you. 

It wasn’t about you not talking baby. 

It was about actually wanting to know you,

And it felt like it was your default,

To be closed up. 

I wanted to know you. 

I opened up somewhat on myself,

Something I never do,

But it wasn’t enough,

To get you to confide in me. 

I know nothing about you baby, 

And that, most of all, 

Is what fills me with sadness. 

You probably think I’m much of a talker, 

Because I never fail to say what’s on my mind,

When I’m talking to you,

But I’m not. 

I just want to be open,

For you to be. 

You just have never done that. 

I’ll like to say, 

I hope you come to me when you’re down,

But I accept there’s almost no chance of that even happening. 

But if you really want to talk, 

Don’t hesitate. 

Your brush off hurts, 

But I guess that’s you,

Not knowing its even a brush off. 

I’ll listen baby. 

In a lot of ways,

I feel girlie when we talk, 

But then, 

I still think you my baby. 

Be well. 


Hi everyone. I hope you all are good. This poem is quite lengthy because it was practically flowing from my head. This is not fiction, but something I experienced. Actually, just experienced. It was minutes after that I wrote all these. 

Can you relate? Do you understand? I don’t know if you really would as I gave no back ground story neither do I intend on giving, but can you relate with any emotion in there? 

Let’s talk in the comments friends, and keep the ice cream flowing. Someone just got dumped๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฒ (We basically dumped each other on mutual agreement, but I’m looking for sympathy, so please ice creams!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜›) 

As for this posts’ shout out, its go to be, The Storyteller, Chandelier at storyviewblog.wordpress.com for getting the puzzle in this post. He writes stories as his name reveals, and I liked his blog immediately once I read a very correct description of how Nigerian film industry is. Check his blog out and give it a read. If you want a shout out in my next post, head over to this post, Catching up with Awards #5, and fix the puzzle, and tell me in the comments. You can earn your self a free shout out on my blog!.