Hello! Hello! Hello! To my dear wordpress family. This post is all about us. You. Me. Us. 

First off, I want to wish us all a very very very wondrous Happy New Month! It’s June second here and in a lot of places already, and I would have posted yesterday, but the only time I could snag, I used it to read posts from you wonderful people. 

As I’ve seen on Twitter, and some other social medias, so many of us are using this new month to start afresh. The diet we planned on going into this year, actually exercising, being open about your feelings, for the ones in school like me, promising yourself to read at least an hour every day. A lot of us have fallen short of our goals for this year, and we are using the blessing of a new month to start on a fresh platter. 

I’ll tell you one secret that really isn’t a secret. Every week is a new platter. Every day is a new platter. Every hour is a new platter. Every minute is a new platter. My dear friends, you don’t need a notification from the calendar that it’s a new month, or a new year, before you get your shit right, and do what you want to do. 

My friend yesterday was complaining that he hadn’t started reading. Apparently, he wasn’t feeling the vibe. He promised to read tomorrow, and I told him, look, I’m sure this is how you keep telling yourself. Tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. I told him that the only way he would do it tomorrow, was if he started now, and with that, he decided to go to the library. 

Now, that is for you. 

For me, you my dear readers, have helped achieve a MILESTONE (it just had to be in capital letter dear friends).

You all have helped me realize five hundred followers, and counting. Do you now see the need for the capital letter? I’ve been here for seven months. It’s going to be eight months some time in this month, and as a new month present, you gave me this. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

This is quite the norm here on WordPress, and that is the Question and Answer. Now this is for both of us. If you have any questions on me whatsoever, feel free to ask. If you want to know how I look like (I’m sure there are about two blog posts that I have put my picture in it), I’ll still indulge you, if you want to know where I’m from, how I cope with the so annoying weather where I’m from, my kinks, my biggest fantasy, the one person who I’ve had a crush on (on the blog), my fantasies, my desires, my age, my favorite color, dishes, favorite movies, if you want to delve into my personal life, for this, I promise to indulge you. It’s no secret to the ones who have been reading for a while that I am quite the private person, and I tend not to reveal too much, but for this post, I am going to answer all of your questions. 

Really guys, this is for you and me. An open conversation of sorts. Twenty questions… Whatever you want to call it. Feel free to go way waaaayyy down and dirty. I will try not to shy away from questions. Feel free to ask five, ten questions if you have them. I mean… I’m basically begging y’all for themπŸ˜…

But really… Feel free.

Thank you. 

Now… For the BLOG PARTY!!!

Now, I haven’t ever hosted a blog party before, but I believe I’ve seen enough, and be part of enough, to know a little bit about what it should be about. 

Now, for this party, you’re going to have to visit every one who is around here. If you’re the first at the party, make yourself known in the comments, and tell us what your blog is all about. Whether you write poems, your blog is a means to share personal happenings, recipes for food, Do it yourself videos or what ever you do, make yourself known, and as more people begin to come in, visit their blogs as well, really read their writes, (likes without reading hurts our feelingsπŸ˜₯) then comment if you want to. We’re all about sharing good. 

Share this post if you think it would help anyone on your follower list, and you know how it is for parties. The more… The merrier. 

You introduce yourself, what your blog is about, give any questions if you have, and visit other people’s blog. I will personally visit every one’s blog whose link is put in the comments. 


Ain’t this faannnnnccyyyyyy??? 

For my last few followers, I have decided to give you a shout out here. Some I found first, some who found me first. I very much appreciate you following my blog. 

His Perfect Timing – (hisperfecttiming.blog)

AdashofJhaee – (adashofjhaee.wordpress.com)

Chernaja Kurica – (chernajakurica.com)

CharlΓ©ne – (charlenepoetry.wordpress.com)

Rohni (truthiskef.wordpress.com)

Soul Symphonies(zenlikefuck.wordpress.com)

Elizarudolf (elizarudolf.wordpress.com)

THE FORESTER ARTIST(theforesterartist.com)

Gbolabo Adetunji (gbolaboadetunji.blog)

Patricia (teaandtales1.wordpress.com)

Eye For A Pic (eyeforapic.wordpress.com)

Bismita Giha (thoughtswhichstrike.wordpress.com)

Amunet (softpowerforce.wordpress.com)

Aeonian works (aeonianworks.wordpress.com)

 To you new followers, to to the ones that have been there since day one, by day one I mean Elm. Elm was my first follower, who welcomed me to this blog-o-sphere. Elm is a teenager like me, and she is a lovely girl who never hesitates to help as much as she can in her capacity. I’m certain you’ll find her blog very lovely. Here is a link to her blog. Elm.

To the rest of you, thank you for being there, offering the encouragements when I was down, helping me out, giving mad ass suggestions when I was lost. Because of you all, I write poetry, and I write it with confidence. It was on the blog I first tried poetry, and you all were so loving and you encouraged me. Till today, it is what pushes me, even when I write, poetry or otherwise. This is the first poetry I tried here, and you all were supportive. 

Okay that’s all! Be forthcoming with your questions πŸ˜ƒ Cheers!