I laid on the bed, 

The usual for 22:00

And checked messages. 

Then checked the contact list,

And stopped at your name. 

Willing you to message me. 

Even if it was just once. 

Hey, as lame as it is, 

Would actually suffice. 

I opened it, 

And saw our last message.

It’s being three months, five days. 

I type hey, 

As lame as it is, 

And with the will I newly possess,

I delete it,

And check my status. 

You’ve viewed it. 

Now, I put my pictures,

So you see it. 

Or you don’t remember? 

How you called me pretty,

I need to stop this. 

I press play on the music.

And I hear, 

‘I always fear that I’m not loving right’.


I’m going to focus more on expressing myself through poetry, and writing more prose fiction. 

The song that has the last line of the poem as its first is Human by Jon Bellion. 

Thank you for reading.