Do guys ever have the “break up” period? 

She asked, sitting so close to me as we looked at pictures. 

She noticed my silence, because she looked at me, paused, then subtly adjusted herself away from me.

Every time with her was a break up period for me. 

She knew it, but she wasn’t going to do anything about it. She didn’t feel the same way. 

I wished I could just disentangle myself from her, 

Leave after our Wednesday smoothie, and never turn back. 

Never pick any of her calls.

Never get to see her smile. 

Never get to hold her. 

But as much as every moment with her reminded me of what I didn’t have, 

I knew that not having that would kill me.


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Go ahead and let’s see how creative you can get. Here, tomorrow is going to be Friday, and I am going to choose of the persons who have submitted, and post their work here on my blog, then next week I’ll get another picture, then feature the next Friday, for as long as I want it to go on. 

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