I listened silently as he finished his bit. 

I couldn’t help it. 

At the beginning, 

It seemed like a goal, 

To be his friend. 

The friend that meant so much. 

I liked it when I left impact.

I never thought it would happen 

That I would be the one being begged. 

To feel. 

I told you it was because 

I was uncomfortable, 

Knowing that someone knew so much about me, 

But the truth, 

I don’t care about you. 

I don’t care about it anymore. 

I wouldn’t care if you told everyone about it. 

It’s not a major part of my life anymore, 

And what people think, 

Don’t matter. 

I couldn’t tell you, 

Couldn’t tell you

How I just lost the touch. 

How you don’t excite me anymore. 

How it just wasn’t the same, 

How I didn’t enjoy being with you alone. 

How I never did. 

I didn’t, 

Because I know how it is. 

I know how it feels, 

To be the one at the end,

Of feeling not cared for, 

So I’m just going to tell you. 

That it’s me being uncomfortable. 

I achieved it, you said. 

I meant so much to you, 

Much more than I even hoped, 

But I couldn’t. 

I couldn’t feel anything, 

Even as you said those words. 

I couldn’t feel. 


As I said in the last post I wrote, I find myself writing about happenings in my life. 

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