And when you aren’t answering my texts, 

And I know you have seen it, 

And I don’t want to be crazy,

To question why. 

Why you haven’t replied. 

To ask,

Whether you see me as a pest. 

I want to ask you.  

Whether the pressure is too much, 

Whether you want me to lay off

I want to ask you, 

Whether I should do what I really want to do,

Which is message you first, 

Or go with the societal rules, 

To let you do it all first, 

With the knowledge that you may never do it,

Even when I really want to talk,

And when all these assails me, 

I think of the one person, 

That one person 

That’ll always be happy to see me call. 

That’ll always be happy to chat with me.

That I know that a late reply, 

Is really because he’s busy. 

I think of him. 



I called my dad after all I wrote about actually happened, when all those thoughts and more were in my mind, then I decided to write a post on it. 

Thank you for reading. 

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