I stared at the ceiling as I laid on the bed

Another failed outing I’ve been led. 

Lisa said I would find what I wanted at the club

But all I wanted to was hide. 

Guys offering to spank 

Domination and Submission was apparently the latest thing. 

I was sick of this. 

Every blond haired guy I saw was Ryan

It was hard moving on.

I was drained. 

Emotionally drained, 

The tears rained no more. 

I just wanted it to go back to the fore

Where it was just Ryan and I, 

But all I wanted now, 

Was to sleep, 

And wake up with my make up off my face.


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I’m going to be continuing what I started with last week, and that is giving each of you an opportunity to get your writing on my blog for free. Basically, it’s all about the picture above, which is also the header image. You let yourself be guided by that picture, and you make a story out of it. It could be in the prose, poetry, or drama form. 

I’m not giving a word limit, but it shouldn’t be overly long.

You can send your replies regarding the prompt to my email (femiiesther@gmail.com), where I then select the one which would feature on my blog on Monday (19th June, 2017). For every other person’s write that isn’t posted, I am going to leave the link to your blog in the post. While sending in your entrie, make sure to put the link to your blog as well. 

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