It’s Father’s Day! For a while now I’ve been here sitting on my bed (my roomie’s actually 😅😯) trying to construct a poem to dedicate to dad, but the words don’t seem enough, and I’ve decided to rivert to my second love in writing (prose. Drama is the first. Poetry, last. Obviously. Some of you already know how my love to write in poetic form begun). 

Anyway, here we are before I get carried away. It’s Father’s Day! I didn’t even know this until yesterday while reading a blog post. It was for ideas of a Father’s Day gift, and then, here we are. I’m writing this as inspiration strikes, so I’m not exactly sure how this would go yet. 

Since forever, my dad has always being identified as the less strict one amongst I and my siblins (my brother may not agree. He’s a mummy’s boy). Of course most of the beating was by dad, but then, it was just easy to know. If we wanted something and dad was home there was an eighty percent chance we’re getting it. My dad did not have a very privileged time when he was growing up, and for the fact that he has enough to give us most little things we want, he is ready to give. My mum was more economical, and whenever we wanted to ask dad for something, we would whisper in his ear and beg him not to tell mum. Reason being that when he did there was a seventy percent chance mum would say no. You don’t need it… Blah. Blah. Blah. Typical for mums. 

I remember the times dad would sit on the sofa and bring his leg over to the arm rest than I would balance on his leg without holding anything. Fun times. I still do it when I’m feeling playful, but as I have more weight now, it usually looks silly when I’m doing it, plus, I’m older. 

I remember one time late in the night when I and dad were playing in the sitting room. Every other person in the house was sleeping. The air conditioner was off, and the light off to. Daddy was tickling me, and telling me to surrender. The way it was…he would tickle me, and keep going until I agreed he was the boss, and surrendered. This night for some reason, I didn’t want to surrender, and I begun to feel like peeing. I told daddy I wanted to pee, but he didn’t agree. I had to surrender. I said nothing, and in due time, I released on the sofa (oops! It wasn’t leather 😷), then later he released me and said I could go pee (I think I was about 6 ,7 years of age…cant remember), and then I had to say it. I had messed the sofa. We felt like criminals as we took it out and left it out to dry, while we went to…sleep? I don’t know what happened after. I don’t remember so much from my childhood, and I don’t have a lot of pictures to help me remember. That memory stuck, because that was a major bonding moment 😅

I’m the first child amongst three children, and my sister, the one who follows me is sorta a soft bone. She isn’t into rough play or any serious play. She just likes being gentle… For example, if I was playing football with my brother (just passing. I’m no C. Ronaldo 😅), and I told my sister to come join us, she would refuse and just watch. My brother is the last born, and since he was still pretty young to do serious plays with my dad, I enjoyed all of it. Is it boxing? Running? We did it. There are sometimes we are playing and my mum would seriously be warning us that it was getting too much. Sometimes when dad revenged I would cry (would never let him see that of course), I would call mum and she would say she already warned us… The times… 

Whenever I needed money (as I grew older of course), daddy was who we would call “sure banker”, at that time, it could be ten naira, or twenty naira, and I know that’s so small, but please, at a very young age, what was I buying? It was basically to feel the thrill of holding cash in hand. Even when we asked mum she would say…Go to dad, and once mum had approved, it was easier for him to agree.

I remember when I and daddy are having “dad and daughter talk”. Basically, what we do is, I and dad are in a corner whispering and laughing. My mum would be seeing us and asking what we are talking about (she was feeling left out for sure😂. On the other hand though, I also had with her “mum and daughter talk”, where dad was the one who felt jealous 😄), most times, what I and dad talked about was her. The way she reacted to situations, and in most times, money, or just anything. Its never as deep as “mum and daughter talk” for sure😐

When I was much younger, I slept on my dad’s chest. I’m talking from zero to four years of age… That was where I slept. Peaceful sleep, check!  As I grew older, I think mum begun to get jealous and send us to our rooms, because there’s no way the first born is sleeping with dad and the younger ones are alone. On a side note, my brother wasn’t born until I was five. The times were I couldn’t sleep on his chest anymore, I still slept on his bed, very close to him. 

There were times when I sneaked in at night, and thanks to mum, I got busted and sent back to my room😂😂(oh my lord… Memories…). As I was already older by the time I begin sneaking in, the motive changed from sleeping on dads chest to going to their room because of the air conditioner. In our room there was just just fan, but well, as there’s an air conditioner in the next room, who am I to resist? 😅

I remember one time where I was so careful while opening the door that I sneaked in successfully, and then I begun to ascent to their bed. (Dad slept beside the wall and I liked feeling the wall at my back when I slept. I knew that once I made the safe journey to dads side, I was free. Even if dad woke up, we would be allowed. We because sometime during the night my sister sneaked in with me) Anyway, I wasn’t lucky that day because mum woke up and sent me back to my room, on some days I was careful when I was going there so my sister wouldn’t wake up and want to follow me there. I always believed my chance of a success journey was higher when it was only I. 

On some days, I didn’t even bother going to the bed. I would lay a mat on the floor and sleep there, to be discovered by the parents when they woke up. (My sister joined too). I remember another time when I wanted to sneak to the bed and mum didn’t want to let me. I seriously lied that I was having stomach ache (Jesus!😂), and I think she later allowed me, but friends, that night, I had a stomach ache like never before. I was purging, I was vomiting. Ugly stuff. Lying is never my fort. For real. 

I called my dad as I came back from church (I stay in campus), and daddy was so so so happy. I could hear it in his voice. He didn’t even know it was father’s day. Then I thanked him for everything, including all his beatings, and it was so good to talk to him. We already spoke yesterday. I have a very comfortable relationship with my dad, and I don’t only call him when I need money. We talk like every 2 days, sometimes even more than once in a day. 

I love my dad. He is seriously the best, and for so long I’ve appreciated him, but coming to school, hearing stories, has made me recognize even more, how blessed I am.

The way he treats mum gives me an idea of how I want my man to treat me. With respect, and to listen to me. Of course I want some more sugar, spice, and everything nice… I know what I talking about 😄😉😉😉😂, but yeah. He’s a model, and I know that if he’s reading this, he’ll be so happy, but that’s just by the way. I didn’t write this for him. I enjoyed the onslaught of memories as I wrote this, and I’m still smiling. I’m so grateful for having him as my dad. He’s the best! And he doesn’t even know I have a blog, and I’m not even telling him, but that’s by the way. Another story for another day. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for reading my Tales About Dad. 

Join me and celebrate your dad with a little message to him in the comments. If course I know not everyone has good things to say about their biological dads, but if you have a dad figure who’s there and does lovely things, say something nice about him. He can be your step dad, he can be your friend. 

Also, to the boy friends who have become the dads when the girls don’t have them, and have become the father figure to give the love, and care, Happy Father’s Day. To the ones who also provide the cash…Happy Father’s Day. From all of us girls. We love you. 

To you dad’s that have lost their babies, Happy Father’s  Day to you. You are a father, and your kids love you. I love you. Thank you for your care. For the ones who have kids that are still in the rebellious stage where they don’t yet get the care you are showing to them, and they don’t think you deserve to have a happy Father’s Day, I say to you, Happy Father’s Day. 

Remember to put a little message to him in the comments! 

Thank you for reading!