Hauwa stared at the ceiling and counted the boxes for what she wanted to believe was the 100th time – really she hadn’t been keeping count. Whenever she had a moment of consciousness and remembered she was staring at a ceiling, she tried to count the boxes to battle the feeling of futility but she never made it past 15 – her dilemma slipped into her mind again. How many hours had it been? She didn’t know because she had turned off her phone – she wanted nothing to do with the world.

Hauwa once again gave into her mind’s wishes and reminisced what had happened at 6:45 pm. She made sure she was meticulous enough to keep the precise time in her mind.  6:45 pm on 16th June 2017 was a time and date she would never forget and tell to her daughters. 

At 3:30 pm, her longtime boyfriend of 5 years had told her to meet him at Southern Fried Chicken for a date. Considering the fact it was a 6:30 date, the hope that had been residing in her heart sprang up to intensity again. Maybe he was finally going to ask the question – she was getting frustrated waiting for him to overcome what he had termed 3 months ago – ‘his insecurities and fears’.

Concentrating on her remaining 1 hour 30 minutes at work was impossible. It was a giddy Hauwa that left work and rushed home got dressed and rushed to the restaurant. She took her time to dress and make up; she wanted the evening to be nothing short of special. She had raced through traffic and managed to arrive at 6:35. The first thing she noticed was that Abdul looked very stressed and tensed like someone in immediate need of using the toilet. He hurriedly stood and brought out a chair for her.

Hauwa decided to be calm convincing herself he was just tensed because of the question he was about to pop after bending on one knee and placing a ring on her finger. She tried to make small talk for some minutes but he abruptly cut her off at 6:45 and said so quietly that she thought she might not have heard him well, “It’s over”. He said this while avoiding her eyes and as soon as he said it, he stood and left the restaurant

The next immediate moment was one of extreme bewilderment for her. Hauwa blinked and rubbed her eyes to make sure Abdul hadn’t just dropped a bombshell and walked out on her but he was gone. Slowly she gathered herself and went home.

And here she was a certain number of hours later – in her dinner dress with her makeup still on, lying down on her bed staring at the ceiling trying to understand what had just happened. 


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