Have you ever felt that way? 

Like someone just wants to steal your shine? 

The fact is…

They don’t really. 

You just feel that way. 

Whenever you do something 

It seems like they’re there. 

Whenever you join something,

They want to join too, 

And you’re afraid they’ll steal the spotlight. 

It’s not like you’re actually in the spotlight 

You just don’t want to them there. 

You don’t want them 

Every freaking where you are. 


You wish they’ll just stop.

Just. Stop. 

Oh God this girl is beginning to piss the hell out of me for real. 


So there’s this girl that just pisses me off sometimes. She’s good company some times, but when I want my alone time and she’s there… I just want to tell her to leave me the hell alone.

Can any of you relate with this feeling? 

There’s a picture prompt thing I’m currently hosting that’s going to give you the opportunity to put your write on my blog, next week Monday. 

Above is the picture you can use to tell a story, and if you aren’t having much inspiration, you can use the word NECKLACE as your prompt.

You can write it in any form, it just should not be overly long.  

You can send your writes to my email at femiiesther@gmail.com. 

If you have any questions on it make sure to ask me in the comment so I make everything clear. 

Thank you for reading.