There’s this thing my WordPress app like to do. I’ll like to know if it’s like that for you too. 

I use my phone to do every blogging related thing because it’s easy, plus I don’t have a WiFi, and using hot-spot from my phone would just help my data finish in no time. 

All things considered, blogging on the app is pretty easy. Of course there’s the part that I don’t get to see what people see when they view my blog on the laptops, but it’s still okay. 

I can write posts, save drafts, do all the WordPress-y thing. 

I think my notifications are scared of me.

I mean it. 

Let me explain. 

I put off my data whenever it’s not in use so it doesn’t just waste away, and I put it back on when I need it. (Naturally). 

When I put on my data, I wait for a bit to let all the notifications from different apps come in, because I’ve noticed that if I don’t, my phone would begin to kind of hang, so I just let it be, and wait for a bit to let it all come in. 

I think it’s safe to say WordPress is my most treasured application on my phone. I love blogging, I got the best readers. (I love all of you reading this 😍. For real. I mean it)  Whatsapp is also pretty treasured, but then, that’s by the way. 

You see, when all the notifications from applications begin to come, WordPress’s doesn’t come in. I then open the app, and…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. (insert more dots. About three or four lines of ’em. It’s my phone remember? So…yeah) 



Now, what I usually do when I open the app is to go straight to my notifications. On the days I’m hoping for something big, like to achieve a certain amount of followers… Let’s say I’m ten counts to what I want…or I want a post to surpass a particular number… 

On such days, I would feed my curiosity and not open the notifications, just reading blogs, before I can’t hold it anymore and I go to check. 

When I open the app, the notifications flood in. It’s like it’s scared. 

It has done something wrong by not showing it’s notifications with others and it’s trying to redeem itself. On days when I’m not looking forward to anything and I go straight to the notifications button (by now the notifications are already coming up on my phone), the phone would just keep loading with the notifications, and I know better than to try to click anything there. 

It’s like the app is saying… Sorry! Sorry! Please just let me fully redeem myself!, and not going to let me do anything until it redeems itself. 

All good though. 

We’re “okay”, but it doesn’t help when I’m “chatting ” in the comments.

Let’s hope by the time I click publish on this post it will stop it. I mean… I’m not mean right? Let’s hope it becomes obedient and come in with other normal notifications. I think it feels special and that’s why it doesn’t want to come with others. 

Whatever the reason notifications, I’m nice alright? You’re special alright, but please come in with other notifications. 

With the way I ended this, I think I should have given you a disclaimer that it was a message to my notifications… But it’s all good yeah? 

How are you all doing by the way? I had three classes today, just coming from the library (Ha! Ha! I like how that rings👅✌), but on a serious note, today was…it was actually okay, and what I want to do right now is to go have my bath, and then come back to publish the second post I already had in mind to before I decided to write on my beloved notifications. 

I saw him today, and it was real good to see him, and talk to him, however short a time it was.  He was in that waist coat. Have I said how sexy he looks when he’s all corporate, or casual, or corporate – casual? And the way he walks with ease?I could tell you were surprised I hugged you. You had done some thing that I ordinarily should be pissed about, but what can I say? I like to hug. I guess you can call me the feeling kind. I like physical touches. Uh… Don’t let your mind wander. It’ll take more than that to get me mad. 

Is this becoming a diary? I think so…and that’s my cue. 

A thought that I’m going to work towards. Be a person others want to associate with, not the person that would be associating with people that already have the character you want to associate with. Of course associate with them, but also act in the manner of one you would like to associate with…being your unique self of course. 

See ya in the next post!