I know she’s not doing it intentionally. 

As much as it infuriates me to a great extent, 

I want to remember that she doesn’t know this. 

She wouldn’t even understand if I told her she was doing it. 

She’ll try to stay out of my way, 

But it wouldn’t help one bit.

So I’m going to concentrate on myself, 

And just not let the thought of her seemingly everywhere I am, bother me. 

I’ll get my earphones on, 

When it seems like she is warming up to say something, 

I’ll put it on. 

It probably sounds mean, 

But it’s the only way I can help myself to not feel that way, 

Because I’m not actually mad. 

I’m just sick of it,

And want her to just stay out of my way. 

I don’t want her to tell me about her day. 

I don’t want her to tell me about her boyfriend. 

I am not jealous. 

If I had a boyfriend, their relationship certainly isn’t one I’ll look at for guide, 

Not that theirs is bad, 

I just wouldn’t want it to be that way. 

I don’t want her to come and tell me all about how she was talking with our mates, or the seniors. 

About how some guy walked her to the hostel, 

Or how they bought food for her, 

Or tried to get touchy feely. 

I have to remind you. 

Of all these, I am not jealous. 

I just want her to stop it. 

I want to stay in my bed, with my phone, 

And not want her to assault me with all her plans, 

And everything she got fucking going. 

How does she cope? 

Knowing that everything she knows, 

Every other person does… 

I don’t want her to come close and want to see what the hell I’m laughing about. 

I don’t want her to tell me someone made her mad because they said she didn’t look like one who didn’t know how to sing. 

I don’t want it. 

I don’t want any of it. 

I’m reserved, and I may not understand how she does it since we aren’t the same person, 

But I want her to give me a break. 

Sometimes I cant help but be matter of fact with her,

I don’t enjoy particular people telling me stuffs, 

Especially ones I don’t even give a care about. 

Okay this was originally supposed to be me looking for the way to just focus on myself and not let her get to me,

But I’m glad I actually said most of the things I didn’t like that she did. 

So yeah, I’ll just try not to let her get to me, 

And remind myself, that none of what she’s doing is intentional. 


So this is what I intended to post just a little after my former post (I think my notifications are scared of me!), but I decided to give it a little time before I posted this. 

It’s the continuation from this post (Just Stop). 

Thank you for reading!