Hi there…. 

As you can see from the post title, this post is going to be about hair! You know what’s even better? It’s about “my” hair! How awesome is that? 😅

Some of you know, I’m on “natural” hair, a “naturalista” some people will call me, and I love my hair. I started growing my hair long ago, before all the rage about natural hair begun and I didn’t take any special care for it. Washed it when I had to, then plaited it. Last year, I begin to have a little interest in taking care of my hair… Like doing all the natural styles and not having to pack boring (simple) styles on my hair, and really use the hair to do some really lovely things. I kept saying to myself… I don’t have time, but I knew it was because I really didn’t give a damn about it. People kept telling me that the fact I had long hair and didn’t flaunt it was annoying as they had short hair and just couldn’t wait for it to be real long. 

Early this year, I begun to get interested in taking care of my hair. Not to the extent of watching YouTube videos or checking for my hair texture and all… I still don’t know my hair texture by the way. Anyway, I just wanted to take care of it cause I knew that if I did, it would get longer, and healthy hair makes a happy me.

I had loosened my hair from the twists I did, and I hadn’t washed it in a while. I cream and oil  my hair almost every day and my hair does not smell. I don’t know if that’s pure luck, or just because I cream and oil it… Or whatever. It doesn’t smell. I also spray it when I feel like. 

I used wool to twist it. After three weeks, I got tired of the hair, and I loosened it. 

I packed it in a bun, and left it that way for a whole five days. (I know. I know. How did it stay? Wonders of natural hair 😉). I don’t have any pictures of it in a bun, so, there. 

I decided I was going to wash it, and this morning, I did. First off, after I unpacked my hair from the bun, I got a friend in my room (a room mate), to help me divide it in sections. I had read on the internet that dividing it in sections help. 

Down to the roots! So healthy I know… And so yum! 😋 You can take a piece of it if you like… And take as much as you want. It’s first come, first served. 😉😁

I boiled water, and mixed it with lukewarm water, then washed it. I haven’t ever washed my hair this way, but trust me when I say this is how I’m gonna be washing it now.

I washed the hair… Section, by section. After I washed a section, I twisted it back, then moved to the next section… Like that, then repeated the same to rinse the soap off it. I would take pictures of it, but then I wasn’t er… dressed, so yeah. 😄

I however took pictures of how the hair looked when I was finished with washing it. 

Am I doing this again? 






Seriously, I’m so glad I did this. 

Can you see how the length was retained? How it didn’t shrink as per how natural hair is known to do? 

Of course the fact that my hair is long may help, but I’m sure its going to help for every hair length. 

This is my hair just after being washed, November, last year. 2016. I couldn’t find any recent one.

And then when it’s like this (refer to image above) I have to combat with combing it. By this time, I haven’t yet being introduced to the blessings of oils. My hair there may look short, but that’s just shrinkage. My hair has grown since last year, but not so much. It was pretty long there too, but shrinkage…? Yeah.

Look how I’m just putting so much pictures of mine… So unlike me 😓

So really my friends? Dividing it in sections helped me so damn much. My hair texture too may have something to do with it, but all things being equal, you know what I’m on about. 

After I finished with the hair, I had my bath, then as I was doing normal post bath things (I’m thinking I’ll do a post on this soon 😅😓), my hair was beginning to dry. As it was in sections, it also helped a lot. My friend was even asking how it dried so fast. 

Sectioning is the answer my dears. 

Anyway, after post bath rituals, I begin to treat my hair. Not “combat” anymore because… Sections. Seriously, I can’t dread washing my hair anymore for fear of shrinkage. 

I used this cream that’s for my room mate… What she did is add several oils in one container. Olive oil, almond oil, Indian Hemp Hair Cream, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and Shea Butter, which helped to give it that “cream” look. I forgot to take the picture of how it looked. 

Again, I applied this cream into my hair in sections. I unraveled the twist, then creamed it, combed it… Ugh! So much joy. I could get off on how it felt even.  (Shh!) 😅😝

Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear picture where I was combing it and oiling it. As I did that, my hair barely cut. Once I oiled a section and it’s surrounding jurisdictions (hehe! I’m a law student. Permit me😅😁). Anyway, once I was done oiling a section, I twisted them back. I did it for the rest of the sections, then continued with post hair activities. 

Finding what I was going to wear to watch the games that were going to happen, and all that. After I was done and dressed, I loosened the twist and packed it in a rubber band, then let the curls have it’s way. 

I would show you a picture of how it looked, but I don’t have any. I wasn’t contented with how the ones I took came on out, so, there. 

So yeah. This is the end of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice, Hair Edition. 

Soon I’m going to go down to the spice… Eggs, Onions, all of that (To put in my hair… If you still didn’t know what I was on about with the spice😅). And I’ll make sure to make a post on it as well. 

What have you learnt? 

Sections do the trick.

Oils too. You need to know how to oil your hair every day, or every two days at least if you’re not too comfortable with oil on your hair. Remember, it doesn’t have to be too much. It just has to be enough. Brush your hair, take care of it really. 

…And that’s the end of this post. 

If you’re on natural hair and face the combat of washing hair, or you know something that really helps the hair texture, make sure to comment. If you also do the sectioning thing, whether on a relaxed or natural hair, make sure to say so, and tell me how it has worked for you. Do you use oils on your hair? Do they work for you? What works for you? 

Are you a guy with beards? You’re not escaping this. Do you also do sectioning? 😂😂

But really girlfriends…the way guys now take care of their beards…

I find beards sexy by the way, so feel free to hit me up in the dm’s if you got that beard thang going (Why are there no dm’s thing on WordPress?) Anyway, you can always message me on my mail 😜😜

Also, if you’re on relaxed hair and you have things you do to help, make sure to say so to. Whatever works for natural hair works for the relaxed as well, and vice versa. 

And if you just want to say hello, You’re welcome 😜

Feel free to ask any questions, or make any comments concerning the post. 

Thank you all for reading.