I saw the way she hid her eyes, 

Trying to conceal the tears. 

He was doing it again. 

Belittling her. 


It was God that made the Marriage as peaceful. 

It was my mums loving heart. 

It was the way she was able to let go of things

In order to keep her marriage. 

She says she want to get into tailoring. 

She’s a chartered accountant.

A very good one for that matter, 

But she has a dream, 

One that she has harboured for so long. 

She wants to help the girls on the street. 

She wants to help them have a better future. 

She wants to have a good tailoring organization,

But he wouldn’t hear. 

Each time she brings it up,

He raises his nose, 

And talks of the time

She wanted to sell ice blocks. 

Then he looks at me, 

Expecting me to agree with him.

Why would I?

I am a lady, 

And I know how much what he is doing, 

Affects her. 

I know how much it pains her, 

That the one person, 

Who should support her every dream, 

And let her believe she can do it,

Does not believe in her. 

How he talks again about other ventures she had tried in, 

That did not work out. 

He doesn’t believe in her, 

And when he is like that,

I wonder why.

He has a very big ego. 

He likes it 

The way he brings the more money to the house. 

He likes that, 

At the end of the day, 

He still provides more financially. 

This time, 

I saw how much it hurt her. 

She was happy 

That she was beginning to get the hang of tailoring, 

And he just had to say it again. 

Talk about the other ventures that didn’t work out. 

I had to ask. 


Why don’t you believe she can do it? 

Why is it that every time time she talks about it, 

You raise your nose. 

Mummy then said, 

I don’t know why he doesn’t believe in me.

He asked what she said, 

And she said it again.

He sneakily looked for a way to talk on something else, 

Since it was obvious that I,

Didn’t agree with him. 

I don’t know why. 

He is probably afraid she will do so good. 

And even surpass him, 

And begin to have more relevance. 

Does he not know, 

That whether or not he makes more, 

She still remains the one,

That keeps the family together. 

What every woman wants, 

At least something I know that is one of the things women look for in a man, 

Is one who can support her. 

One who can support her dreams. 

Believe in her. 

Give her that drive. 

Tell her she can do it. 

It’s not like what she wants to do is something that can’t be done. 

It’s achievable, 

And all she wants to do, 

Is to better the life of people,

That may not have access to tertiary education,

But every time she brings it up,

You belittle her. 

You don’t know how much you crush her,

Each time you say she can’t do it. 

Is it so hard? 

To encourage her. 

To say she can do it. 

And when the talk was beginning to get you uncomfortable, 

Because we both don’t know why it’s so hard for you to believe in her,

You brought up another topic, 

And my mum, 

My ever loving mum, 


The topic was over. 

It will be brought again, 

Because her dream can’t be diminished. 

If she doesn’t do it, 

It will happen through me,

Just as I said, 

And she will live to see it happen. 

The topic will be brought up again some other time, 

And then, 

Nothing will get her side tracked. 

She’s going to ask you why,

And you are going to answer.

You’re going to say why believing in her, 

Is so hard for you.


You want to ask if it’s real not fiction? Yes it’s real. I don’t want to give any story other than that. If you’ve read other blog posts of mine, you know how much I cherish and love my dad. To every persons good, there remains a side that isn’t so good. 


How are you all doing? 

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I want a man that can support me, and appreciate me, and tell me that whatever dream I have, is achievable, as I will do same for him. 

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