He says hello 

I feel the impact down there. 

Is this love? 

He gets close, 

And fold me in his arms.

Is this peace?

And then I have to be in his arms again 

And as he presses his chin to my hair, 

And I inhale his scent, 

My ear pressed so closely to his chest,

I am bare. 

An inner peace I gain, 

And I want to remain there. 

To never again 

Know the pain, 

Of feeling bereft. 


Left under the rain, 

The feat, 

Of the unknown tomorrow. 

All my fears

Vanish when you are near

And I want to remain

Before I have to feel again,

The shallow self

That arises when I leave your turf. 

I’m a baby 

That needs to be assured 

That a Gaby 

Isn’t going to be the next one you’re lured (to) 

I don’t want you gone

Because I know you’ll matter

And then when you leave, later

I have to deal with the burn,

With no one

To hide me from myself. 


Hi everyone, and good day to you. 

If you can relate with any of the feelings I contained in those words, do say so. Feel free to comment your thoughts on this write. 

I think I might do a Q and A post soon. There’s no special milestone coming up. I just want to do it. Get you to know me better. If you have any questions for me do drop them. 

Happy New Month!!! 

I hope we are all keeping with what we want to achieve for this month… It’s just the second, but beginnings matter.