I was sitting,

Looking around, 

And wandering what I was doing here. 

When suddenly, 

I saw a glass. 

It was like a barrier,

And immediately, 

I slided back, 

As if pushed with a force.

I gripped the handle of the seats, 

And looked around. 

Then I saw what was happening. 

Just at the other side of the barrier, 

I saw me. 

There was a small scary looking ball

Running after me. 

Goosebumps filled my body, 

And I tried to stand, 

But I was rooted.

I tried to open my mouth to scream, 

But nothing came out. 

I was scared. 

The ball was over her body now. 

My body, 

And she was screaming. 

She was running, 

But the ball met her. 

It pierced her body,

And I felt her screams. 

She kept running 

And running, 

But there was no escape.

And then I saw her fall. 

I saw myself fall. 

She couldn’t fight anymore. 

She was spent. 

I watched the ball,

Seeming to run fiercely towards her, 

And this time, 

I willed myself.

Connected my mind with my body, 

And broke away. 

I stood up, 

And ran to the barrier. 

The ball was so close now.

With every power I possesed,

I pushed myself against the barrier,

And I fell with the force of it. 

Glasses pricking my eyes, 

I looked up. 

There was nobody.

There was no me. 

There was no ball, 

And with a shaking realization,

As I closed my eyes, 

I knew I was the one. 

And I knew I had broken away. 

I was free. 

Smiling painfully as the glasses entered my skin. 

I closed my eyes. 

It was over. 

I was free. 


This is my first…fantasy…poem? 

I’m not sure if it’s fantacy, cause it’s as real as the love poems I write. 

Did you like it? Make sure to say so.

I think my mind is favoring different things now…but who knows? 

Feel free to comment what you think about it, and if you can relate with it. 

I can interpret so much from it. Death, freedom from an addiction…  Tell me what you think about it. 

Thank you so much for reading.