Hello to you my wonderful people in and out of the blog o sphere. 

I have been absent for a few days, and I definitely missed being present. In the while I wasn’t around, I went back to my love for books. I have definitely read a few books this year, but not as enthusiastic as I used to, and it was because I had several things going, and I’m not the best juggler. I had school, and the blog. 

I read from a blog about her ten best romance novels (you faithfuls on my blog know how I love romance novels 😉), and it spiked up my love to go and read the few I hadn’t read. I was proud to have read about seven of her ten favorite. 

Sometime after I got the novel, I got so engrossed that I wasn’t so present on the blog and that was mainly because the WordPress app takes a lot off my data, and I was trying to keep it (my data) for longer. After sometime, the data finished, and I could not access anything online, and I wasn’t going to use out of my allowance money again to get data (No. 😒). 

The period without data helped me realize that I really didn’t give a shit about social media. I mean, I already knew I didn’t, but I usually wondered if I could survive without having data. Give me a good romance novel. I can. Frankly, through out the time I did not have data and wasn’t able to access anything in the online world, the only thing that got me to feeling guilty was my not being present on my blog. It was what made me really have to buy data because I didn’t want to stay too long outside the blog-o-sphere. 

Then I thought about it all. I was glad to have this blog. I was glad. I am glad to have readers like you all that are currently reading, because I faced it. Apart from school, nothing else was going on in my life. At the time I didn’t have the data, I would mostly just want to get data so I could distract myself from my awesome self (if you’re a faithful reader you must have noticed I also like to compliment myself. 😉), but I’m actually really awesome, so that’s “just saying” 😅.

I would delete Instagram if not for my blog account on there (“femiiesthersblog” if you’ll like to check it out), and my personal Instagram (femiiesther), I’ve not deleted it because I expect soon to fill it with pictures of adventures I want to take in coming times. I’m keeping my Twitter because for some reason I love lying on my bed and scrolling through feeds of quotes, fellow bloggers, and I don’t have a Facebook account. No. That’s wrong. I do have. I’ve deactivated it however, so if I intend to use it in coming time for business, I can activate it and continue with it. Then Whatsapp, it’s major. I talk to my parents on it, friends. Just necessary. 

Now, I read Sylvia Day’s Bared To You, and as I continued I remembered seeing somewhere that E. L James had copied from the plot to make her own trilogy, 50 Shades (let’s take a few spaces of silence for how much hotness is in the two books.
Ah eh. We’re back. You good? Yeah. We good 😉

After I finished Sylvia Day’s Bared To You, I got the second, “Reflected in You”, then the third, “Entwined In You”. Sometime after I got the third, my data finished, and I wasn’t able to get the fourth (because I’m downloading them. Reading them from an e-library). The book continues. It’s a serie. 

As I finished with the third, I was hit with a very awesome idea. It’s awesome. I tell ya. 

I had finished three series of Sylvia Day’s Cross Fire series, and E. L James trilogy, 50 Shades. The issue of them being copied is no new news. I then thought, why not put them together, and discuss them.

I am NOT comparing the two books. I am going to take characters from the two books, and talk on them. I will take the first book of each of them, contrast characters on there, continue with the second book, then the third.

And what way to do this than to make a book club for this? Thankfully, this does not need exclusive pass. You all are invited. 

Our book club is going to be called THE CROSS SHADER’S BOOK CLUB. 

I am going to post the introduction soon. I don’t want this to be longer than it already is. 

You don’t need to have read the books, though I imagine you’ll understand more of what I’m talking about if you have read them, and be able to gush around with me too 😅

Watch out for the coming posts. 
If you aren’t already following this blog and you’ll like to be part of THE CROSS SHADER’S BOOK CLUB, I’ll enjoin you to follow so you don’t miss any of our meetings. If you’re reading it and you’re not a blogger yourself, you can subscribe with your email so you don’t miss any of our meetings. 

Thank you all for reading. It feels good to be back!