Anywaaaaaayyyyy, I’ve decided to write about this particular incident or should I say incidents…that happened in my room, because I believe it would be nice to read it later on when I’m not with these people anymore. 

In my room, we are 10 (Okay are you done with the exclamations?). No. It’s not big. No it’s not condusive. Are we surviving? Yes we are. 

As we are ten, as would be expected, clashes occur, but not as often as in other rooms, as we are very accomodating and I just thank God for that. I’ll give names to the roommates for you all to understand. 


There is the lousy one… If she reads this she might not appreciate being called so, but yeah. She talks, pretty loud, but in all she has a lovely character. She’s very tolerant, do not take things at heart. She has a lovely hair, and takes time each morning to style her hair. This actually makes me laugh. She could have her bath in the morning long before me, and I’ll be long ready before her because… Hair. She also reads. Spends long times in library, so she comes late to the room, earning teases from the roommates that she’s with a guy. She’s a law student like me. 

We’ll call her… THE STYLIST. 


Now, the second one is black. I mean, we all are blacks. But she’s well…dark, so we tease her about it. She’s a reader. She is one room mate that will spur you to read cause when you’re doing something that ain’t reading and you look to her bed and see her reading, you think… I should be reading. She is fond of giving us roommates names, and that makes the room fun. She’s can also be a tad annoying, as per…how everyone can be 😉. She’s a Medicine student.

We’ll call her THE READER. 


The third one I’ll be talking about is the only Muslim in the room. She’s also a reader. She reads a lot, and does not really talk. I mean, we roommates, while we have our quiet moments, she’s well, more quiet. She also talks, but less than me (and I don’t talk a lot, I mean, so far I’m not unnecessarily excited, so that’s saying something). She does her corn rows on her hair by herself. She’s an accounting student. 

We’ll call her… THE CORN ROW LADY. 


The fourth one I’ll be talking about is the most active tailor in the room. I can sow clothes, though I’m still learning. There are also two others, but they don’t sow in school, so yeah. She’s a Korean ambassador. I seriously don’t know if a day passes that she doesn’t watch a Korean movie. She wants to go there someday, so if you’ve got a free ticket, holla at me. There’s someone who’ll love to use it. She’s also a very active arguer 😐. She’s a SOCIOLOGY student. 



The fifth one I’m going to be talking about is one who’s very generous. I mean, she says no a lot of times, but she’s very generous, and free with her things. Let’s people go to her locker freely, all that. She’s also a make up artist, she can also make hair considerably, and can tie gele (Any Nigerian in the house know what I’m saying?) The image of a gele is below if you don’t know what a gele is. It’s also known as a head gear. She’s a BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION student. 

What’s in her head is the gele. By the way, this lady is so pretty. I got the picture off the internet.

We’ll call her THE ARTIST. 


The sixth roommate is one who’s well…what do I say? She’s one who goes home a lot. The room isn’t the best as I say, so…Home bound. She’s a student in the faculty of EDUCATION, HUMAN KINETICS EDUCATION. 

We’ll call her…HOME BOUND


The seventh is the comedian in the room. She doesn’t intend to, but she always got great comebacks that gets people laughing. Shes also a funny actress. She talks about going for auditions so she usually gives us a bit of what she’ll show them. She’s alright at it. She doesn’t get angry easily, but when she’s being swallowing the bitter pills from people a lot, when she’s tired of it, it gets very ugly. She’s a LAW STUDENT.

We’ll call her SOFT.


The eighth person is one who’s well, the cook. She cooks more than everyone in the room, and the roommates usually tease her, calling her “Wife Material”. She is an ENGLISH student.

We’ll call her THE COOK. 


The nineth and last roommate is one who’s very lovely. Like the way Korean Ambassador is known for Korean movies, this one here is known for talking about having a husband. She’s ready for marriage as she says, so yeah. It’s all fun. We make fun of her for it. She’s a HISTORY AND STRATEGIC STUDIES student, and in joining her faith with ours, we’ll call her THE WIFE. 


The tenth roommate is myself.  


So that’s it with introducing you to my roommates. None of what I said is fiction. I’m going to continue with this. The next roommates post is going to be 


I mean, it will be something to write about as I am actually living with them. 

I think you all would enjoy reading about these various characters. 

Are you in the university? How are your roommates like? Or do you stay alone? If you aren’t in the University yet would you like to stay with people or stay solo? 

Let’s talk. 

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this.

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Roommates. Can I live with them?