Hello to you Cross Shaders, now I present to you our first meeting after our last which was mainly introductory. If you don’t know what I am on about, you’ll help yourself to read this post, as you’ll get insight on what is going to happen in this book club meeting. 

Anyway, today, we are going to be discussing Gideon Cross from the Cross Fire series by Sylvia Day, and Christian Grey from the 50 Shades trilogy by E. L James. 

I am going to be treating these characters as they are in the first of the two books. 

As I already said in the introductory meeting, even if you haven’t read these two books, you can still be a part of the fun, because I am going to introduce them. 

Gideon Cross is the hero of the Cross Fire series, and it is same in the first of the series, which is Bared To You. 

He is the definition of sexy, broody, dark, handsome, and what else adjective you’ll use to describe a man who is hot. There’s also something else. Gideon Cross exudes dominance. I mean, you’ll agree with me that he has good reason to, as he is the Chief Executive Officer (If you think about it, it sounds more fancy as C. E. O). Anyway, Gideon Cross is the C. E. O (😉) of The Cross Fire Companies. He’s also young, and for other reasons we are going to touch, he is dominant.

He owns the building in which he works in (naturally), of which other companies are in different floors. I always think it funny that these companies don’t just own all the floors. Like why does there have to be other companies that work in other floors? I guess Sylvia had to look for a way to make he and Eva meet (😉). 

Back up a sec. We gotta treat Christian Grey. By the way, let’s all try to eject the man that acts in the motion picture of the novel and focus on all that was presented to us by E. L Jame’s.) 

Christian Grey is also a hot, sexy, delicious, handsome, plus all other words you’ll use to describe a delectable man. He also, like Gideon Cross, exudes dominance, and has good reason to as well. He is the C. E. O of Grey Holdings, and he works in Grey House, which has 20 floors. You see what I’m saying?

I guess James had it easier since he wasn’t going to meet Anastasia as a worker in one of the floors of his building. 

The two men meet their second halves in the work grounds. Cross and Eva meet in the forever cliche way you something falling, and them bending to pick it up. This wasn’t Eva’s books or contents of her bag. It was that of another woman, and Gideon was coming into the elevator. 

Cross meets Eva, and well, we aren’t made to know his opinion until later, because the story is told in Eva’s point of view. He is the sexy man, and Eva wants to just drop her pants for him because his appearance screams FUCK ME!!! 

Cross is impeccable, and well, that’s that for their first meeting. It is later we get to know that he wasn’t as unaffected as he appeared to be.

The first meeting of Grey and Anastasia was also at office grounds, but in a different scenario. Grey is placed in a higher position, as he is being interviewed by Ana, who appears as the clumsy queen. He is hot, and exudes dominance, as per usual. She’s also the kind of women he likes to…eh…do we say take to bed? Cause we who know what’s going on here knows it more than the conventional “taking to bed”. 

The two men take quick action in getting to possess this women however. Grey goes to a hardware store that Anastasia “coincidentally” works in. Smooth move eh? Cross makes sure Eva is present in the meeting for the contract that the company she works for wants to get, and after the meeting, he tells her he wants to FUCK HER. Ha! You think that’ll get you to bed with Eva? Think again. 

In the first of these books, these two characters developed differently. In Bared To You, the first book of the Cross Fire series, it is in my opinion that Gideon developed more. His character was more developed, but for Grey, what we had from him were vague. We got the gist that he wanted Anastasia, and as much as he wanted to stay away, he couldn’t. 

It’s a constant in the two characters (Gideon and Christian) that try as they would, they couldn’t stay away from their female halves.

Cross did not try to ward Eva off, as he found it hard to stay away, but being with Grey was a whole different ball game altogether. Grey was a dominant, and a sadist, who could not enter into a relationship with a woman without signing an agreement. 

In the first book of E. L Jame’s Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian is very much withdrawn. As I already said, he wasn’t really developed upon, and because we readers were so intrigued as to cracking who this man was, we rushed for the second in the series. Sylvia had a different approach to hers. Gideon liked Eva, and as he had no agreement that needed to be signed, he never failed to show it. 

In my opinion, Cross seemed more human, more realistic than Grey. Don’t get me wrong. There are points where they both were so fictional, for example, there was a time Cross was being massaged by Eva under the table in a restaurant and he was able to continue a conversation with his friend WITH NO BREAK. His facial expression did not even give it away that he was being massaged, and this is a guy that is HARD. I don’t know about you guys, but I think that’s pretty IMPOSSIBLE. 

They (Cross and Grey), in this book, also had crazy mood swings. Actually, I think Grey had them more. I know there are people that are actually bipolar, but the way their moods changed was actually mind blowing. I mean…you’re not coming on your period duh! 😅😂

We get to see in the first book of Sylvia Days Bared To You that Gideon has a dark child hood. These two characters had a dark child hood, none of which what it was we are exposed to in the first books, but we know they had a dark childhood. 

We get to know of Gideons when he attempted to rape Eva in his sleep. It was a dream.

Almost from the beginning of Grey and Anastasia relationship, we know that there is more to Grey for his closed of, different self. The agreement while entering a relationship doesn’t immediately take is to thinking of something that happened in his childhood, but his reluctance to pulling his shirt off while he was fucking (as he calls it) Anastasia shows something. 

In Sylvia Day’s Bared To You, there was a lot of fucking between Gideon and Eva, and it seemed like Gideon was forever hard when Eva was around. They fucked almost everywhere, and whenever they saw each other. Here, their relationship was developing, and the complex of their lives hadn’t yet come to play. 

There wasn’t a lot of sex in the first book of E.L James Fifty Shades of Grey however. In its own right, they had plenty sex, but as we are bringing the two books together, there were more fucking scenes in Bared to You than 50 Shades of Grey.

In all, we are introduced to the brooding characters of Cross and Gideon, and we love them. There are the readers who don’t like them simply because so much people gush about them. What readers who I believe like me love them accept is that, it is FICTION, and there are just some happenings that can’t just be in REALITY. I read these books as an escape from myself, because it gets me into an altogether different zone.

I’ll throw a question to you Cross Shaders out from a book of these two, and if you know who made the statement do say so in the comments. 

“What is it about elevators?”

And with this, we come to the end of our first official meeting. I hope you Cross Shaders had a fun time here. Feel free to give your comments in the comment section. I’ll love for us to hear them. 

Thank you for reading. 

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