No. Nope!

Don’t even to feed yourself that bulls hit. 

You did nothing bad. 

You did nothing weird. 


You did it on your own volition, 

Not asking a girl’s advise, 

But when have you ever?

You called him because you wanted to.

Yeah yeah. 

You missed hearing him, 

And you haven’t been seeing him,

So you were concerned. 


You called him. 

You said hello, 

You said bye. 

All good. 

You had not done anything wrong. 

Now don’t ridicule yourself. 

You’re good. You’re good. 

Okay now you’re wanting to call him again, 

And you might, 

Cause it’s hard for you to turn back

From something you already want to do, 

But if you do it eventually, 

There’s nothing wrong. 

Don’t disturb yourself with what he thinks. 

Do what you want to do.

It’s all fine. 


What made me write this? 

I had just called someone, and I was beginning to stress myself out with worrying about what the heck would be going on in his mind on why I called. It was basically a self talk. You know that thing you do when you want to convince yourself that you’re enough, trying to talk yourself into believing you… That’s what this was.

Thank you for reading 😃 Feel free to comment your thoughts on it. By the way, have any of you being in that kinda situation where you had to talk yourself into believing something? 

I did call him again 🙈, and I had to write a poem following this. I would post it on here as well.