As you can infer from the title, I have begun game of thrones. But what exactly have I begun? Reading the novel? Watching the movie? There is still a lot of rage on the season seven that recently came out.

I’ve never being one to particularly bother myself with movies, much less series. Like puh -leeze! Why would I bother myself with series? Of course some of you reading are die hard fans of the movie and other movies that are in series. I can start them, and not finish, because by the time they bring the next part out, I’ve lost all interest. 

It also applies for novels also as I’m not a fan of reading books that go on forever. However, as it’s a book, I can still read it. Grudgingly at the beginning, but I’ll still finish, and still get the remaining of the series if there are. Cheeky ain’t I? 😋 Anyway, on a faithful day (just a few days ago. Can’t remember exactly when😯), I was bored per usual, and I was sifting through my e library, looking for a new book to read. I didn’t want to go back to a book already read, and there I saw Game of Thrones. I didn’t get that one myself. I transferred it from another device to mine (being long), and since then, I’ve exhausted all the romance novels contained in the books I collected😅🙊. I keep telling myself I want to broaden my horizon and check out some other genre, but from past experiences I’ve realized that how far I can go is books that have an element of romance in it even though it’s not the major genre. Oh and I just thought of something. I enjoy comedy movies. Not full out bawling thing but comedy. Romance comedy is cool, though I think I’ll rather stick with them as movies. Anyway, what I’m getting at is, if you got a comedy book that you can recommend I get, go right ahead and tell me what book it is. 

Now, Game of Thrones

At the beginning, I didn’t even know it was the popularly and widely spoken about Game of Thrones. I thought it was just one of those books that would share the name with some other popular stuff. I got to know it was in deed, the “Game of Thrones”, and I’m at it. It’s the book I’m currently reading, and I like it.

Of course I don’t have the devotion I would have for a nonclicheseriouslysuperbromancenovel 😅, but I’m reading it. (By the way, when I say nonclicheseriouslysuperbromancenovel I don’t necessarily mean an “erotic” novel. Sometimes these nonclicheseriouslysuperbromancenovels may contain these so called erotic scenes, but you should get my point.) 

I like it. 

I’ve had those sort of feelings for romance novels as well though. You know the type that you start, along the line don’t enjoy it, but just want to finish it just because.

Anyway, I like the book. 

While I was planning this post, I was thinking of titles that I could give. I didn’t want to use something regarding my unplanned hiatus that I am still getting to as a title, and then I thought of “My Hot Neighbour finally said Hi”, and I felt that was just a title that would grab the readers, and along the line you’ll just loose interest because it’s not like I have been waiting forever for my hot neighbour to say hi and that would just be a lie and I don’t lie andthisisbecomingalotof”ands”soilljuststopandcontinue.


I’m in the university, and I stay in school, and only come home on few occasions, and when it’s holiday time. Anyway, just this past weekend, I had to go home because I wasn’t feeling to well and just had to get away from school because of all the demands school required…and I went home. 

So while outside one time a neighbor, or his friend (living just at the back of our house, but the same compound) came out, and said hi. It’s actually the first time I’m seeing this one 😯🙈.

End of story. You see what I’m saying? 

Okay let’s jump to something else. 

I have not being around. I’m sure at least ONE of you seven hundred and something lovelies of mine would have noticed. 

As I said earlier, it was totally unplanned. I just…wasnt ready to blog. It wasn’t writers block. I just didn’t want to open my blog, which meant I didn’t write (I could on my note pad, but that’s just by the way), and neither could I read your posts. I had to get over the opening the blog thing because I begun to miss reading your blogs. (Collective awwwwwwwww !!!! 😳😳😳😳😳)

It wasn’t laziness. I just didn’t want to write. 

Also, at few days ago, I begun to write the second part in the roommate series I begun. I stayed till past three in the morning writing this, and it was going so great…then the damned phone had a second hang, and refreshed itself to the way it was before I begun writing. At first I was flabbergasted. I mean, there ought to be a way to recover all my hours work. I went on the internet to see if there was a way but all I kept seeing was some I phone thing about setting your phone right when it shows 23 million seconds remaining to turn your phone on or some shit like that. Yeah. I didn’t understand it too. I wasn’t writing on the wordpress app. It was this note app I was using. Ugh 😤 I just put off my phone and slept. I’ve gotten over it now anyway. Though I need to get to writing it again. 

Hmm… So what have I achieved in my unplanned hiatus? 

1. Got a white shirt that I’m currently wearing that looks okay but has a sort of weird fit in my boob area (not exactly “achieved” but…okay whatever 😅)

2. Got mature. Okay let me explain this. It’s in different ways. I’m beginning to learn to listen. I used to listen, but my aim was pretty much to let you finish so I say my bit and you see that I’m right. I’m however beginning to listen. This is courtsey of my dad. Sometime while I was home we were arguing about something and I was too froward, wanting to say my point without listening to his. He pointed this out, and I did listen. Also, I’m beginning to let things by. I don’t keep malice. Most times it happens that I forget I wasn’t so happy with a particular person but I talk to the person, forget I was supposed not to so the person sees his wrong. I’ve also begin to teach myself that it’s not every time they’re talking in the room I need to contribute. Emphasis on “teach”😅🙈 

3. I’m beginning to get used to walking okay even without plugging my ears with ear piece. 

4. I can now very much walk alone  in a place with so many people and not beat myself up about it. Of course there’s still that little quiver, but my head is always raised high.

5. I got a text book I had before and my account is still suffering the brunt of it because it was pretty expensive. (Had it before. It had detached too much and I wasn’t enjoying my reading 😢)

6. Created a mad ass playlist containing 64…? songs. I’m not sure, but it’s sixty something. Well it’s not “mad ass”. The playlist is titled “When she’s in Her Head”, and that is “My head”, and I’m thinking I should change the name to something less revealing. It contains a lot of Jon Bellion, James Arthur songs, and some other artists.

7. I’m now confident in the fact that this blog is going no where. Let the sun shine, let the rain fall, I’ll say let the volcano… fall? But we got no volcano here (In Nigeria), so yeah. I’m going to have this blog. I’ll have hiatuses, leaves, but I’m going to have it, and keep managing it. Imagine checking these writes in ten years??? That’ll be mad! 🙉🙈

8. I’m tryna make this to ten… Uh. Yeah. My wrist beads are no more. I had four. Courtsey of a room mate of mine that thought dragging my wrist was a greeting😑😒, three are no more. The ones I could pick on the floor are staying warm in a container in my locker. 

9. I’m thinking about writing a “My Reality” kinda post, that would contain raw, brazen truths about myself, like the fact that I don’t get calls so this phone is just music, games, books, and blog. Yeah. Stuff I do and don’t find embarrassing. But it’s going to have to wait because posts that were supposed to have been published doing the unplanned hiatus are waiting in line. (Don’t remind meeee 😲😲🙉) 

10. Something more on being mature. I’m more careful with my money. I’ve never being one to spend just cause I have money, but I’ve not being so careful with it at the same time. Sometimes I bought things that I really could do without. Like some pastries that go nowhere is solving my hunger. This is courtsey of my mum that let me have a particular amount of money for a month and letting me manage the money. If I finished it, well, well. 

So that’s it. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading. I got really interested in the writing this post when I begun talking about my unplanned hiatus. I hope this post is the break of the hiatus 😫🙏. My exams are coming soon (in 3 weeks!!!! Yikes! 😯), so there might be a few spaces between posts, but I want to be consistent. 

How have you all being?

11. Okay I am adding his as I’m editing the post. There’s so much fulfillment 😅 in completing a post after being on hiatus, however unplanned it was. 

THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Feel free to comment on anything I’ve addressed in this post… And concerning Game of Thrones, all I hear is talk of the movie. Any of you read the book?