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A lot of people like to go on trips. Some because they just like to travel, others because they like to see how it’s done else where, try other dishes, and some, just for the overall experience.

In this post, I am going to share with you tips that would make whatever trip you are preparing for a good experience.

In a few posts ago, I took you all on the road trip I went for through the pictures. (If you’ll like to read about that you can click here).

I discovered that there are some things you need to have with you, that would help you enjoy the whole experience.


If you’re going to go on a trip, you definitely do not plan staying indoors. You want to look around, visit places, and if you don’t have the right foot wear with you, it would be a problem, as you wouldn’t not enjoy the trip as much as you would have.

Sometimes, what’s prettiest is not what’s comfortable.

While packing, make sure to take with you comfortable sandals, or flip flops, depending on what kind of place it is you’re visiting. You may have some comfortable shoes, burning tell you it just wouldn’t cut it, and after walking long hours you may then opt to go bare foot.

While on the trip, my brother took sneakers that he liked, but was tight. He tried it at home of course, and it seemed like something he could manage. Getting to the place and walking around, it didn’t seem so, and since he didn’t want to go bare foot, he came back home with sore toes.

On this, I nailed it, because I had comfortable sandals on.

And walking was easy.


One major reason why people go on a trip, is to learn others cultures. While on a trip, there are so many things you would learn. From the things your instructor (the person showing you around) will tell you, to the tidbits the ordinary local whose taxi you entered will tell you, you would learn a lot.

However, you have not got a sticky brain, so while you may remember some things, it wouldn’t be everything, and this is where the journal and pen comes to use. The journal could be a small one. You can decide to buy a new small one solely for the trip, or use something you already had.

When you see particular dishes you want to try, you write your initial reaction, and on tasting it, you write what you think. Having that journal will serve to revive your memory of that place whenever you go through the journal. If it’s an educational trip that involves history, you need your journal and pen as well.

Also as a blogger, if you plan on writing about the trip, the journal will help you, and once you’re done with the trip, it would guide you on sharing on how your trip went.

I had a fail in this one, as I took no journal, and since I planned on writing about it, once I got home and done everything (clearing and chores wise), I went to my room and begun to write the post. This was because I knew that if I slept, well it was bound that I wouldn’t remember everything. I ended up sleeping very late. (Around 3 A.M Yup.) The things I do for this blog…😊


Having money is very important while on a trip. Reason being that you would see so many things you want to buy. Either for a loved one, friends, family, or for yourself.

If you don’t bring cash, it would suck for you because you’ll see so many things but you wouldn’t be able to buy any.

I am a lover of wrist beads (In the post S gave me beads, I talked about this), and I saw a lot of them here. They were very cheap, but I couldn’t buy anymore than three, reason being that I didn’t have MY cash with me.

If you’re going on a family trip, it’s best to have your own cash with you, so you can buy whatever it is that catches your fancy. As it was a trip that we were going to go back home the same day, I didn’t think I would need to buy anything, but I was wrong.

However long it is that you’ll be on a trip, it is very important to have your own cash with you.

This is just one section of the beads. You can read the post where I talked about the trip here if you’ll like to see the rest of ’em.

It is important not to take anymore than you think would be needed. Take enough, then take your debit card with you, so if you see something and you don’t have enough cash to pay for it, you use your card.


As you’re on a trip, you’re going to move around a lot, and wearing a big bad just wouldn’t cut it. Having a big bag would wear you down, and there are certain things you would like to do on a trip, that having a big bag would not help you enjoy, so you have to drop it, and then deal with the fact that it might be stolen.

To avoid all that hassle, go with a small purse. Something just big enough to take your journal, pen, cash, phone (s) sunglasses, ear piece, and whatever else IMPORTANT thing you need. Don’t go packing unecessities into your small purse, that you have to then carry a big bag.

You don’t need a perfume, neither do you need extra pieces of jewelry. You’re on a trip, not a fashion show, and the goal is to have a nice time, and sometimes that would entail not being so self conscious.

Go with ONLY the necessary things.

I nailed this part 😊. The purse had just my phone and earpiece in it.

While picking a purse, it’s best to take the compact one. Not the fanciest or prettiest.


This is the last tip, and I’m going to give the list of a few things you need to have.

  • A Camera, or a phone that has a good camera.

Nope. I wasn’t paid for this free advertisement, and neither do I use it, but it came out on Google when I searched for compact cameras, so there you have it.

There are things you’ll see on a trip that you just have to capture, to keep that memory in place. You’ll also like to take pictures with whoever it is you’re with, the locals, the kind of dishes. Not having a camera would suck, and all you’ll have from the trip is a memory without a proof.

  • Power Banks.

Wasn’t paid for this either 😐
Using your phone to take pictures is very fun, until the phone dies. This can actually cause a downer for the rest of the trip as you can’t take any more pictures. This happened to me, and I didn’t like it one bit. If you’re going with a camera, go with extra “fully charged” batteries.

  • Comfortable wears.

You’re on a trip, not a dinner, and you want to go around. Not having the right cloth on will help in spoiling the trip for you, reason being that you are trying to make sure no stain or cut comes on that expensive ass cloth instead of enjoying yourself.

  • Sunglasses

If where you are having your trip is some where forecasted to be sunny, or they are currently in the sunny period, sunglasses are encouraged. Apart from actually protecting your eyes, it would give you that “chic” or “cool” look. Whichever it is that you want. If there’s no sun, you can still go with it, and take great pictures.

  • Energy Bars

Wasn’t paid either.
Walking is one of the things you’ll do b while on a trip, and if you’re one not used to trekking long distance, you’ll get tired easily, and even if you’re used to trekking, you will still get tired, and this is where energy bars come to use. It will help keep you going. It could be chocolate bars, or whichever flavour you like, but having it it’s very important.

  • Suntan lotion

If you have a pale skin or a skin that burns easily and you’re going somewhere sunny, I would advise you to have a suntan lotion with you. You’re going to have a good time, not a burnt skin, that’ll not let you enjoy yourself.

And that is the 5 tips to help you survive a trip.

I hope you’ve taken note of them for the next time you’ll be going on a trip.

Do you have any tips you’ll like to share? Feel free to share them, and your thoughts on the post.

Thank you for reading πŸ˜ƒ



  1. πŸ™‚ You have the perfect list of things to take, I call my list ‘travelling light’ and I have one more for you, it’s a little delicate but the MOST essential! Wait for it, brace yourself, my number one is ‘go to the toilet’ for a you know what!!! There is nothing worse than going out for the day and wanting needing to find a ‘loo’ and there are none or they’re disgusting! Lol am I right? πŸ˜€


    1. Ha! That one is erm VERY important.

      Once you feel that sh*t making an entrance (collective cringe), there’s just no way to enjoy a travel. No way.

      I must er…ah…say.

      I didn’t travel light, and sometime later when we were almost done with the sight seeing, the sh*t demanded as escape. Want funny I tell ya.

      Was so moody and had to be stuck in the car till we got home. Thank heavens it wasn’t pressing. Seating helps πŸ˜‰

      But then, what if when ahem…packing, the we know what doesn’t want to show? What happens then?

      Liked by 1 person

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